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Wolverine(bone claws) , Beast , Gambit ,Domino ,Prodigy ,Marrow , Sabretooth ,

Vs. Leonardo , Donatello , Michelangelo , Mei Pieh Chi , Raphael , Slash ,

Master Splinter

Morals off , 5 days prep , Location - Gotham City , Teams start 100 feet apart,

Who wins and why?

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Turtles transform into chi dragons and win

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@russellmania77: not with Domino lol, she'll make a ligthining hit them and kill them all

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Slash would definitely help. I don't really know much about Venus other then she is hated by Turtles fans, the Turtles creators, and has been banned from being a part of the TMNT universe again. Even with the two other turtles though, I think X-men have this. They have three healers, so it till be tough to keep them down. Gambit and Domino will own with their range.