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No prep for either team, morals are off, fought in the streets of L.A.

Wolverine, Gambit (Staff 2 decks of cards), Frank Dukes (pre being fat), Wade Wilson (pre becoming deadpool) vs Magneto, Havok, Beast, and Banshee

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I wanna say Mags solos here but I'll wait...........

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It boils down to team 1 against Magneto. Wolverine is only capable of being a distraction, Gambit will prove useful spamming his cards, and Wade's got the speed but his swords are metal. I would say the team could overwhelm Mags the majority of the time.

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First Class wins. Magneto uses Logan as his personal weapon while Banshee uses his powers to mess with the enemies' concentration and then Havok burns them all.

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Magneto solos via Wolverine.