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battle 1 magneto,wolverine,cyclops and juggernaut vs. professor X,quicksilver,colossus and iceman

battle 2 team 1 and 2 vs the stranger

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Juggernaut could dang near solo as far as I know. Ice Man is the only real problem for Team 1.

The Stranger should be able to bfr most of the X-Men and Juggernaut if he wants...I think he takes it for the second battle.

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For battle 1 this is the scenario I see playing out:

Magneto can get rid of colossus pretty easily right from the start. Professor X should be able to break through Wolverine's and Cyclops' telepathic resistance turning them against Magneto and Juggernaut. While Magneto gets rid of those two with ease, Quicksilver could take Magneto's helmet allowing him to be turned against Juggernaut by Professor X. While this is happening, Iceman would be keeping Juggernaut distracted until all efforts can be focused on him. Iceman and Magneto work together to distract Juggernaut while Quicksilver takes his helmet as well allowing for Professor X to mind control him as well. Victory to team 2.

The X-Men have no chance in battle 2. The Stranger could easily defeat them in any number of ways the easiest being BFR.

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Battle 1 - Team 1.

Battle 2 - Not sure.