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Team 1: Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops and Hisako


Team 2: Superboy, Aqualad, Jaime Reyes, Impulse and Beast Boy

Morals on

No prep

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X-Men anime, because Impulse ruined Young Justice

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A serious Hisako could actually take SB, and Storm could drop the rest of them by herself. Wolverine...well...I think someone's gonna need to call the Cat in the Hat, because they'll be eatin somethin green tonight once Logan is done slicin an dicin.

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Why not Emma? From what I remember, no one on the YJ TV show displayed any sign of TP resistance, but anime Emma's TP feats weren't anywhere as good at her original counterpart, even WatX animated series Emma had way better feats.

Right now, I can't really decide, but I'm edging towards YJ, with Emma the X-Men could probably take it.

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Doesn't the anime have Phoenix in it? What are her anime feats?