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Poll: X-Factor run the Avengers gauntlet! (5 votes)

X-Factor 20%
Avengers 80%

Team: Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Forge and Wild Child.

Battle Location: Paris


Round 1 - Captain America

Round 2 - Iron Man

Round 3 - Hawkeye and Black Widow

(Mystique joins the fight)

Round 4 - Sad Hulk

(Multiple Man, Forge and Wild Child die) (Cyclops arrives to help)

Round 5 - Thor


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They could win rounds 1 and 3 and have a chance at winning 2 but they should lose all the rest

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My input: I would think Polaris would crush Tony pretty easily.

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Why is Hawkeye and Black Widow above Iron Man? Either way they stop at Hulk.

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Round 1: Spite

Round 2: X-Factor Wins...but Polaris does not solo. Despite the name...Tony's armour is Non-ferrous.

Round 3: Spite.

Round 4: Havok bleeds some excess Gamma Radiation off of Hulk and blasts him with so:

Despite what Havok claims in the scan...the blast would not really kill Hulk...but it gives X-Factor the win via BFR

Round 5: Thor. Unless Forge has prep. In which case he could solo all 5 rounds.

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I refuse to comment seriously on a X Factor thread that doesnt have Monet =(.

What can i say, i like muslim mutant , dark shaded, girls with a nice rack, can you really blame me?

Thor might win round 5, but god help Thor if Guido decides to help X factor, then Thor gets stomped (hehe unwanted useless comments for the win :p )