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Ultimate Wolverine (Hudson)

  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO or Death


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Feats for Hudson?

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For me it's X-23, hudson healin factor doesn't seem that advanced

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x-23, i haven't seen anything impressive from Hudson.

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X23 would body this dude. He as of right now, has virtually no training or real world experience. He survived against ult Creed, but so? Give me three retractable claws and advanced healing and I bet I'd whoop his (Creed) ass. X23 easily out Smarted Lady Deathstrike in their second encounter/first fight. She has fought and kept up with Logan himself, Daken, and others. Jimmy may be a threat to us normal's, but to Laura, it's just another day in the life. X23 10/10

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X-23 easily. She was trained from birth to be a killing machine. Nothing special about Hudson really.

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X-23 wins 
Jimmy has had no training and doesn't really have any decent feats 

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Have to give it X-23 9/10. Everyone get's one, out of luck. Jimmy has the powers, but just doesn't stack up against Laura in skill. I like them both, but X-23 takes this one easy.

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This is a mismatch.