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I_Like_Swords at Deranged District

Deranged District

MasterMouse, your team is setup in the Red Defense Zone of the Corner Castle.

You can position any of your troops anywhere within the Red Defense Zone.

You also have access to your Country's Strategic Reserve of Vibranium Armor. It only covers your body, not your head.

You must protect your Leader, Deranged Midget from being killed or taken. He is within a special room that cannot be teleported into and is hardened.

You are ready for an attack but know nothing else.


You start at the Blue Insertion Zone of the Northern Gate.

You have 1 Hour of Prep (Unless you have the Big Blue Box) to use within the Blue Insertion Zone.

You must kill or capture the enemy Leader, Deranged Midget. To access the room, you need to get the access card from the enemy Commander.

You know where your target is but you know nothing of the defenses.


You cannot Tele-BFR or Tele-Dismember or Tele-Drop.

You only have 4 posts to make your case. Any posts seeking clarification on an issue will not count so long as no debate is being had.

Prep may not interfere with your opponent only scout from the Insertion Zone.

Civilians are not present.

This is war, no other rules apply.

List Teams:


Commander – Batman (N52)

Lieutenant - Hawkman (Nth Metal Harness, Ice Ring)

  • 12 Punisher (12 50 Caliber Rifles with Anti-Armor Ammunition [2], 12 Full Body Kevlar-Nomex Weave Suits [2])

Lieutenant – Beast (Flame Ring)

  • 12 Green Arrow (Infrared Goggles, 6 Bows and Trick Arrows x2 [6])

Lieutenant – Deadpool (Dual Katanas, Dual Pistols, Teleportation Device, Electro Ring)

  • 12 Cog soldiers (12 miniguns [2], Adamantium ammunition [5])

Lieutenant – Master Chief (MJOLNIR VII Armor, Impact Beam Ring)

  • 12 ODST's (Battle Rifles, 12 Webshooters [3])

Yellow Peril! [5C] - Ice, Flame, Electro, Impact Rings



Commander - Captain America (Suit, Shield, Pistol)

Lieutenant - Ninjak (Current) (Katanas, Sais, Coins, Mobile Cerebro [2C])

  • 12 Ninjaks (Classic) (12 Sets of Grenades[2], Katanas, Coins)

Lieutenant - Bloodshot (2 Pistols, Commando Knife, Assault Rifle, 2 Grenades)

  • 12 Gears (Anti-Metal Ammunition for 12 [5], 12 Lancer MK II)

Lieutenant - Starlord (Battle Suit, Battle Helmet, Element Gun, AC-130 Strikes x2 [6])

  • 12 Rocket Racoons

Lieutenant - Marcus Fenix (Lancer MKII, Gnasher Shotgun, MX8 Snub Pistol, 2 Bolo Grenades, Smoke Grenades, COG Armor)

  • 12 Bernadettes (Anti-Metal Ammunition for 12 [5], 12 Sets of Grenades [2], 12 Longshot Rifles)

Joker's Kitchen Sink [3C]

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Yo dawg, my life depends on this. I BELIEVE IN YOU BRUH!

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Yo dawg, my life depends on this. I BELIEVE IN YOU BRUH!


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@k4tzm4n said:

@deranged_midget said:

Yo dawg, my life depends on this. I BELIEVE IN YOU BRUH!


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@deranged_midget Pressures on now. :D
@i_like_swords Do you feel confident in your knowledge of my team or should I go through physicals and all that stuff?

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@mastermouse: If you ever worried about someone not knowing your team, it is always a good idea to go ahead and post a brief overview of them so that your opponent and the judges have enough information to make a decent debate or judgement.

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Post 1:Physicals and strategy. (The edit was me testing spoiler block for scans,Im new,sorry lol lastly,this was kinda rushed,im sorry about the messyness of the post,youll understand in a second what i mean.)

Team Physicals:

Ill start with hawkman,here he can be seen taking a deadly blast from Gentleman Ghost

Here Hawkman can be seen punching through someone.

Deadpool Physicals and skill.

Here he can be seen jumping out a plane landing headfirst and not KO'ing.

Here he can be seen holding his own against daredevil.

Beast Physicals

Here he can be seen jumping from building to building with ease.

Here he can be flipping the juggernaut (which is not an easy task at all)

Lastly I like to include this because its awesome,Beast beats a battle computer.

Master chief has almost no comic feats so I will quote things from the books.

The Chief and his team sprinted up the half-kilometer sandstone slope in thirty-two seconds flat. The hill ended abruptly—a sheer drop of two hundred meters straight into the ocean.

Bolts of superheated plasma from the Banshees punctuated the air.

The Chief dodged to the right, then to the left; he ducked. Their aim was getting better.

“Yes. The trainers in those exoskeletons can run at thirty-two KPH, lift two tons, and have a thirty millimeter

mini gun mounted on self-targeting armatures—stun rounds, of course. They’re also equipped

with the latest motion sensors and IR scopes. And needless to say, their armor is impervious to standard

light weapons. It would take two or three platoons of conventional Marines to take that bunker.”

This should be enough for physicals I believe.

General Strategy: - My strategy comes in a wonderful three point plan.
1:Disorientation during this phase,my green arrows will fire a multitude of arrows at whoever you send in through the door or around the door,it doesnt really matter.They will pop smokes all around them,use their thermal goggles to see in,shoot flashlight arrows to blind them,and shoot sonic arrows to deafen them,while they are in this smoke screen of hell my punishers will be firing upon anyone who tries to leave the smoke.

2:Death During this phase,my cog soldiers will roll out and put up basically a massive wall of adamantium bullets flying towards your people.Btw the average minigun fires about 30 times per second,and all of it will be adamantium bullets,if you say you can dodge this ridiculous amount of bullets you crazy.

3:Of course your people will most likely survive the well strategized attack of my grunts,thats why all of my team plus the ODST soldiers are waiting right by the room that Deranged Midget resides in.That's when you die.
(I guess im all done.)