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Black Adam (WW3 version)



Random encounter. Who wins?

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Despero should stomp in my opinion. As far as I know, Black Adam in WW3 is no different than regular Black Adam. All of the heroes were trying to stop him without harming him while he was going ballistic.

J'onn's reaction to reading his mind was utter PIS by the way. J'onn can make the Joker sane but cries like a baby just reading Adam's mind. Not buying it.

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Despero mindrapes, BlackAdam's feats in WW3 were PIS

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despero wins he is on a different level.

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Despero stomps.

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adam cant win here , add 5 more major league heroes to have a chance.

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Despero ftw

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@_black: Teth was amped via his Isis (his former deceased wife) so he wasn't as himself in terms of overall power, altho we don't know the extent of his amplication but we can only speculate that it would have enhanced his existing powers...MM's reaction to reaching into Teth's mind and getting wrecked only happen the first time he tried and it shouldn't be considered PIS considering Teth does have resistance to tp, the next time MM was able to penetrate Teth's mind successfully...I agree that Despero would be able to deal with Teth here since Despero seems to have overall greater physical attributes not to mention his tp...

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. I still would consider that telepathy feat PIS, since IIRC J'onn received a backlash from the horrors of Adam's mind or something to that effect. Been a while since I've read it. But anyways, it was written to suggest J'onn's first attempt failed due to how messed up Adam's mind was, which doesn't make sense to me at all. Adam has done some horrible stuff and seen some horrible stuff, but like I previously said, J'onn has made the Joker sane, watched his whole world and people die, etc.

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@_black: @capall2: Black Adam wasn't amped during World War III. He was just pissed that his wife was dead, he got Isis' power after Captain Marvel changed his transformation word as a result of his actions in World War III. J'onn eventually got into Black Adam's mind on his second try by overwhelming Black Adam with the pain he'd gone through in his life and that of Black Adam's victims

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Despero has the actual power. Black Adam had the power of the plot on his side durin the events of WW3. You can't even say that all of his opponents were holding back. It was straight up plot introduced stupidity. And I like Black Adam, but stupid stuff is stupid stuff.

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Despero stomps horribly. Black Adam isn't even close to him.

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Despero stomps horribly. Black Adam isn't even close to him.

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Despero beats him mentally and physically.

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Despero wins in an epic fight with Black Adam