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Thanos highered lobo from a different universe, this is in a colloseum, lobo, being hiered has his equipment

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Team 2.

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Unless Warbound is some amazing character I don't know about, Thanos wrecks.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: the warbound is Hulk's group during WWH

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Team 2

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No one on team 1 except MAYBE Sentry should be able to get through Thanos' shields.

Unless Bendis is writing him. lol

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If Thanos has his shields - Team 2. 
If he doesn't: Sentry wins only without morlas thanks to speed. Warobund and WWHulk can deal with Lobo. WWHulk should solo him, but Hiroim with magic can be more usefull with dealing with Lobo quickly.

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Depends if Thanos has his shields. Unless Shadow Magic can get through them or something.