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 The fight takes place in a Dojo. 
Weapons: Both have swords. 
A fight to the death. 
No prep. 
Who wins?

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Wrath would win. He's faster and his precognition should definitely give him the edge.

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Wrath stomps him.

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Wrath ftw, where is that Ra's al Ghul picture from?

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@dondave: Arkham City.
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@SavageBeast:Thank you

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Ra's has more experience, but Wrath is just too much. Even without his preco he can take on bullet timers like Scar.

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Wrath is way out of Ra's league. He doesn't need precog to block bullets (had his eyepatch on the whole time), and in this fight he has it. Serious stomp, Ra's wouldn't be able to touch him.

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The one who slices tank shells in half will probably win this.