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Mister X


  • Both are armed with 2 swords
  • Random encounter
  • Win is by death/KO/incapacitation


  • Both begin visible
  • Begin 10 feat apart
  • fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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@jashro44: Mister X is probably stronger, more skilled and has semi legit mind reading, Bradly is probably faster and has some body movement reading ability, due to this Id say Mister X because as long as Bradly doesn't know about his ability, X can read all his movements and is skilled enough to bypass his speed. Not sure how close this is, but id give X 7-8/10.

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Bradley doesn't read body movements. His eye is what allows him to track and react to bullets (the excess Wrath subjects were skilled swordsmen who couldn't bullet time/react the way Bradley could). It let's him see all the possible outcomes of whatever he's looking at(though the speed stats are probably from being a Homunculi).

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