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Current Sif With Warrior Madness

Current New 52 Wonder Woman

Win By Death, K.O or Surrender

Standard Gear

No Outside Help



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@the_soverighn: Does Sif suffer from Warrior Madness in Journey into Mystery?

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@dondave: yes she learned the berserker incantaion in the firs issue

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Wonder Woman is still vastly stronger and faster, she wins with little effort.

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@the_soverighn: Does it put her anywhere near Thor or Wonder Woman's level in strength?

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As I understand WW is in another league.

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Wonder Woman could probably beat Thor, Sif is outmatched.

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If it came down to pure fighting skills with weapons, it would be Sif hands down. she has millennia of fighting experience over WW. WW is an amazon blessed with abilities by the Gods but Sif is a God. Or shall I say goddess. However, WW's strength level is ridiculous. She's in the top 7 in the Justice League in strength level. Superman, Captain Marvel, WW, Man hunter, Power Girl, Super girl, Captain Atom and WW. Any of them are insanely more powerful than Sif or Thor even with their warrior madness. Also I believe that WW can match Sif's speed and reflexes, also a gift from the Gods. So I'd have to go with WW, but only if she can beat her quickly. Sif has the stamina of a Goddess, WW doesn't. She does get fatigued. If the battle is drawn out, Sif will outlast her and win.

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very inrerestinf ww wins 7 out of 10

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One thing I discovered in my Bruce Banner vs. New 52 Wonder Woman thread was that current Wonder Woman has a relatively paltry collection of feats. She comes across as a low level 100 ton+, with bullet-time reaction speeds and relatively experienced in terms of combat. In terms Sif, it seems to me that she's mostly Thor's girlfriend, I'd like to see some stats/feats for her.

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@donkelly: Not more powerful than Thor. Thor is in their level. Thor has lifted the world serpent, who was as long as the circumfrence of the planet which is about 40075 km. So the serpent was atleast 40000 km long and was about as wide as australia. The weight of the serpent should be about a couple of hundred quantillions. Thor has also destroyed planet with his punches, during his arm wrestle with hercules. The force from the arm wrestle moved a planet out of it's orbit. When Herc and Thor punched together, it closed a portal. Thor has defeated glory.

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@donkelly: Thor has closed portals by punching them, his arm wrestling with hercules alone knocked a planet out of surface. He fought glory and defeated him, and glory is skyfather level. Thor is as strong as superman or wonderwoman, and far far more versatile. The only thing they hold on Thor is speed. But considering thor has fought silver surfer, Thor can handle their speed.

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Aside from all the Thor glorification, I'm going to talk about someone who is actually in the thread.....

Wonder Woman wins as she has shown to be faster than Supergirl and strong enough to shatter GL constructs......

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yea i dont see ww losing this