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Click spoiler link for story.

Shao Kahn has set his sights on DC's Earth, so he sends his ambassador Shang Tsung to issue the Mortal Kombat challenge. Upon breaching the veil, Shang with Baraka and a portion of his Tarkatan Horde find themselves on Themiscyra face to face with a group of Amazons. As if on cue both sides attack, and though Shang's forces had numbers, the Amazons proved to be a serious force.

Pissed at his defeat, Shang returns to Outworld to amass a bigger, more organized force, and upon returning to Themiscyra vows to take the realm by any means necessary. In a furious display of magic and savagery, Shang, the horde, and few hand picked fighters assualt the palace of the Amazons, and engage them in bloody combat.

Both sides take casualties, but as the Amazon's fall, Shang takes advantage and uses the chance to grow his army and become more powerful himself. Shang absorbs their souls and learns more about their culture and skills, and through ressurection he forces the Amazons join with the Tarkatans to take the palace. As the ultimate prize of his conquest, Shang enslaves the soul of the Amazon queen, and makes the Amazon palace his base of operations for taking DC's Earth.

Unbeknownst to Shang at the time, the Queen sent a secret message to her daughter before the palace fell. Soon after Wonder Woman arrives in Themiscyra to see her home in ruins, and while her Godly powers are forefeit on her home island, no one can take her skills; Diana goes on a one woman war path taking down the multiple Tarkatan fighters that Shang put in her path as she makes her way to the palace. Finally, she finds herself face to face with Shang Tsung...and her mother.

Shang Tsung, impressed with Diana's skill and grace in combat, senses her overwhelming rage and desire to rid her home of "the invaders". He makes her an offer she can't refuse: compete in his Mortal Kombat tournament for the right to the island, and her mother's soul. Loose, and her soul will be forfeit to him.


She accepts.


  • WW has no powers
  • WW is equipped with a sword and shield, her tiara, braclets, and lasso
  • All feats and powers for MK characters apply
  • WW has only 30 mins between each fight, and no knowledge of who she is fighting.
  • Each fight takes place in a different setting.

Wonder Woman vs:

  • Round 1 - Baraka - in the wastelands of Outworld.
  • Round 2 - Reptile - In the Living Forest. He is equipped with his Kirehashi blade.
  • Round 3 - Rain / Ermac - on the Outworld rooftops of Kahn's Fortress during a lightning storm. Ermac is freshly charged.
  • Round 4 - Sheeva - Kahn's Coliseum.
  • Round 5 - Goro / Kintaro - Goro's Lair.
  • Round 6 - Kitana / Jade / Mileena - Themiscyra's Palace grounds.
  • Round 7 - Shang Tsung - Shang's Palace in Outworld. Shang has been watching all her fights, has stole many Amazon souls (knows her fighting style in and out), and is fully charged.
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WW has no powers? I think she relies on her reflexes and combat speed more times in fights then not. Without her powers she'd just be above fodder level Amazons in fight skill. With that in mind, I think she could take Baraka but stops at Reptile due to his cloaking ability and acid spit.

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Stops at Rain/Ermac. Without her powers she doesn't stand a chance against Ermac's TK.

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Diana gets fried by Rain and TKed by Ermac.

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stops at 2.

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She can still shoot lightning and has a tiara that can cut through nearly anything....