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Wonder Woman

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can you state how come

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That's a cute kid, they stuffed into that wonder bread bag.

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She's stronger, she's quicker, she's a more skilled fighter, he has a history of losing concentration and getting his ass kicked...

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thank you

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As already previously stated, Wonder Woman is far stronger, faster and a much more skilled fighter than Wonderman.

Admittedly Wonderman is harder to hurt, being more Invulnerable, but agsinst Wonder Woman I don't this would be telling.

So Wonder Woman wins.

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is wonder woman stronger than thor cause original wonderman is as strong as thor.... wonderwoman would still when though

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I wouldn't be so sure, let's not forget that Simon's likely attraction to her would be a factor in him getting his ass kicked as well, and let us not forget that Wonder Man used to be in some sort of Ionic energy form. I "wonder" how Diana of Themyscira would fare against him in that state?

P.S.--(On the note that orig. Wonder Man was as strong as Thor, Wonder Woman has gone toe to toe with Superman himself, with her added combat training and boobies, it wouldn't be too hard for her.)

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Even though wonderman is basically invulnerable to harm wonderwoman's sword would slice right through him. She would slice him really thin so that she would have enough wonderman to make sandwiches for the entire JLA

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Actually Wonderman is invulnerable, just that it requires a lot of applied force to harm him.

I do think that Wonder Womans fist blows would KO him, even without resorting to her sword (but that would chop him right up as her strength, applied through the thin edge of her sword - the applied force is immense).

The fact that she is way faster than him and is a master level hand to hand fighter would let her kick his ass.

But I take your point - one look at that body of hers and Simon would be drooling - which would open up his chin for the finishing punch.

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I dont think Wonder Woman could win. She would put up one heck of a fight but Bullets can kill Wonder Woman. So a couple of good hits from Wonder Man would put Wonder Woman in here place. Its to bad because I realy like Wonder Woman... Batman is one lucky dude.

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Wonder Woman.CURBSTOMP

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Wonderman wins hes stronger and when he goes ION shed be hard pressed to hurt him. she could put up a fight for a while but shed lose. IMO Wonder Woman gets too much credit on this site shes a low level top tier and Wonderman is mid to high level top tier hes just underated though.