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Malibu Beach, middle of the day, and somebody has to die. Who wins?

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Magneto wins.

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Because for one Magneto will go into this one with his guards up. Apocalypse won't. Apocalypse was killed by the Dark Raiders. And This is a no prep time battle right. Apocalypse will take most of the heat in this one. Gladiator will go after Sentry once he sees the power at his disposal. leaving Simon Williams to make a chose. Take down Apocalypse or help Sentry. Magneto willhave his forceshield up the whole time taking shot at everyone from afar. Ultimately, Mags will get tried of the whole thing, mess with everyones electro-magnetic pulse and kill them. Wonder Man will be the only one left after that cuz he's comprized of Ionic energy. Simon's downfall with come when he can't hurt Mags and Mags starts to send out pulses of energy until he finds what Frequency his energy is atune to. and disrupts it, destroying him.

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Apoc, or either Sentry wins, Id say Apocalypse.

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Apocalypse has no much metal in him to win. Magneto does to him what he did to Wolverine.