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Who gain the victory in this fight? 
 Team one have what they usually have in combat, and team two have adamantium bullets and arrows.

Location: NYC

Moral are on. 
Prep is allowed. 
Victory by KO or incapacitation. 

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How far apart are they? Can Adamantium bullets go through Logan's skull?

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No they most likely wont.
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logan and laura got this easily. either can solo.
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Wolverine solos.

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Wolverine can solo, Laura i dont think she could. If either can hit her, she is more liable to be stunned or staggared allowing them to get more hits, Wolverine normally tanks things but he can because his entire skeleton is coated, Laura's is not.
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@Gremlin From Kremlin said:
" Wolverine solos. "
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@Greeoano said:
" bump "
You should probably answer people's questions in your thread instead of simply bumping it. 
How far apart do the two teams start?
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Team 1

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I have no idea what an admantium bullet does to Wolverine's skull...buuut him and x-23 are pretty ruthlessly efficient together especially  considering both sides have prep in this scenario. Green Arrow and Deadshot DO have a chance to win here as the expert hunter/ assasin team...but i think Logan and X-23 can make better use of the prep. They have to be able to close the distance though and Laura can be incapacitated with a bullet to the skull. Logan can potentially solo here though anyways considering his uncanny ability to tank shots and keep coming.   
I'm going to go with Team 1 for now until I can find out  for sure just how much an adamantium bullet can affect Logan.
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Team 1 wins rather easily. But, Wolvie can solo.