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ok, in line with our latest RPG i thought this was a pertenant battle...

how would out resident adamatium clad mutant stant up against a Xenomorph?

you all recognise the Alien from the films, so how would this one play out?

my money's on the acid for blood moster.


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Wolvie can heal from the acid burns and cut it's head off.

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" Wolvs could probably take one but three might be another story "
If a single Predator can take out and entire hive of them i dont see wolverine having too much of a problem at all .....
Hell i reckon he could take on a queen .
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movie logan could take one and pass out from the pain of the acid once he finishes.
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They would both inflict massive damage to the other, but Logan can heal from his wounds after the brawl. 
The inner teeth might hit with enough force to knock out logan, but i think the teeth/jaw might be destroyed from the impact.