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Round 1

Wolverine has kryptonite claws and superman is bloodlusted

Round 2

Wolverine gets 5 years prep

Who wins?

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Kryptonite claws!!! This should be interesting...does he have them in round 2 as well or just prep? Supes has survived kryptonite exposure too many times,,I think supes will still win..Logan isn't known for great prep,,not that he's useless but he is more of a straight forward fighter,,don't think just kill

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Superman destroys him with no effort. Mods should lock this spite.

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This must be a joke. Superman can fly up and snipe him with heat vision.

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Unless logan has red sun vision as well, he still loses, actually even with those, he'd still lose.

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5 years? he wins

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superman both rounds

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@Pyrogram said:

5 years? he wins


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Seriously? Just because Wolverine has kryptonite claws doesn't mean he has a fighting chance. Supes kills him from a distance via heat vision.

And Logan isn't exactly a genius. He isn't Batman or Tony Stark, what he would with prep by himself is useless.