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Wolverine. Bone claws only make it easier if anything. He is vastly more skilled then any of them, has a physical advantage and I don't think they can drop him.

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Wolvie with ease

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Logan has the advantage of skill, when he bothers to use it. He also has a massive speed advantage, a good strength advantage and a HUGE durability advantage.

The team has the advantage of numbers, equipment, and leadership. Their variety of gadgets gives them an impressive versatility.

For this battle Logan will want to close the distance and do what he does best. The team will want to stay AWAY and wear him down with their weapons until they can immobilize him or BFR him. A KO is unlikely, but possible if they get really lucky with some kind of explosive.

So this battle comes down to who is able to force their game plan onto the other side. Can Logan close the distance, or can the team kite him around and wear him down?

In this case I'm going with Logan. The prime factor here is his speed, Logan is VERY fast, very agile and coordinated. Although it might take some work he's going to be able to run each of them down eventually.

And once Logan gets into hand to hand its all over but the crying.

Logan 7/10.

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@jeanroygrant: really, how?

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I got Wolverine in this bout

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Wolverine wins with some ease but not very easily.

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i say the team and if wolvie wins it wont be easy he has skill but how often dose he use it he will go out wildly swinging like usual and they would all use there gear plus tactics to take him down

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Wolverine quite easily. He is much faster without adamantium, not to mention he regenerates even faster.

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Wolverine. having bone claws will make him faster and heal quicker.

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Wolverine wins

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@dondave said:

@jeanroygrant: really, how?

I lied, lol.

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It really depends on the equipment they have. The team could win.

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While Wolverine is faster, stronger and more durable I see this going to the team. Red Robin and Nightwing are both excellent strategically speaking and Red Hood isn't terrible. Also Nightwing and Red Robin's first instincts would be to avoid Wolverine until they could figure out a solution for putting him down. Since Wolverine isn't sporting his adamantium he'll heal quicker but the drawback is that his claws can't cut through anything, like their grapple lines or body armor. It also means his bones can be broken and his brain can be hit with Jason's bullets. So between flashbangs, Red Robin and Nightwing tying him up, and Jason shooting Wolverine in the head and trying to break his bones I see the team incapacitating Wolverine .

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@jashro44 said:

Wolverine. Bone claws only make it easier if anything. He is vastly more skilled then any of them, has a physical advantage and I don't think they can drop him.