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Some X-Kids, along with Wolverine, goes on vacation near the lake but one of the kids are brutaly murdered and Wolverine tracks down the killer and finds that its none other than Jason Voorhees. Who will take home the gold?

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Wolverine Stomps he is way faster and more durable.

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Wolverine is faster, more agile, more skilled, more durable, has better weapons at his disposal, and is probably just as strong, if not  a bit stronger than Jason.
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Wolverine destroys Jason. Too easy.
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Wolverine may not be as strong as Jason but he's faster a better fighter heals much better and faster than Jason and has much more experience and intelligence so I give it to Logan 

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This is possible spite

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Wolverine literally could do it blindfolded with his hands behind his back 10 times out of 10

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This is spite. Conan, Batman, Robin and many, many others can take Jason. Wolverine, being a character he can't kill via one shot blindside metaphorically sodomizes our Crystal lake slasher.
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Wolverine curbstomp.

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Jason. Wolverine destroys his body, but the vile presence within Jason takes over Wolverine. Wolverine has no defense against attacks to the spirit.
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A mentally retarded boy with a machete vs a mentally retarded Canadian with hand claws. Hmmm. Tough call.

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I know you're just having fun, but Wolverine is actually very intelligent. Also, Jason is much more than a monster with a machete. He's almost immortal. Someone like Ghost Rider, Thor(with the hammer), or Doc Strange could finish Jason for good, but Wolverine would probably just get possessed.

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Wolverine Slaughters.

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@god_spawn said:
Wolverine Slaughters.
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@OhItsThatGuy: Does Jason goes to hell actually count cause it really shouldn't being that it was one the worst movies ever made and by all rights should be stripped from human history
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@joshmightbe: Sprouting a new powerset like Silver Age Supes is PIS in my book. At any rate look at it like this. He was taken out in parts 3, 4, 8 and beginning of 9 without BFR. He tried the possession tactic once. And in Jason X when his head was splattered nothing jumped out then to possess the good guys nor did any supernatural telltale heart bearts ensue.  
Even if Wolverine got possessed, he'd fight his way back in control. I'm sure this exact occurance just happened in the Logan goes to Hell arc.
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Wolverine can fight off demon possession? Can you please present a scan?
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Yep, stomp battle. 
But Wolverine only fought off the demon possession in Logan Goes To Hell with the help of his friends and Mystique. But he has done it before without any help.

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on a side note, to make it more interesting how bout you make it Jason X and give him adamantium plating and an adamantium machete, that could be a bit closer

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@cattlebattle: Wrong, this IS spite.  Wolverine would chop Jason's machete out of his hand, then when he found out stabbing him in the heart does diddly squat, he'd just keep chopping off limbs until Jason couldn't keep swinging.
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@OhItsThatGuy: He fought off Demonic possession in Logan Goes To Hell, and I believe has fought control of the venom symbiote before.  So possession of pretty much any form is kind of a moot point.
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Hm. That is very interesting.
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Jason may not die, but Wolverine will take him out every time.
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@VanTesla said:
Jason may not die, but Wolverine will take him out every time.
I agree with this, BUT Wolvie can't truly win unless he is a relation to Jason...more of a stalemate by default...most people forget that the only way to truly kill him is to have a blood relation do it.  With some prep and set up, Wolvie could incapacitate him indefinitely...that is, at least until a new script is written and some stupid teen sets him free again for another sequel=P 
Now, if the fight is to what would technically be a KO...Wolvie easily, or if the OP would allow for true kill by Wolvie...then of course, Wolvie.
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@Wyldsong: When Tommy Jarvis hacked at Jason in part 4, he stayed dead for over five years. When they froze him in Jason X he was out of the picture for hundreds. If Logan wants to he can remove Jason from this mortal plane one way or another.  

@OhItsThatGuy:  I don't have any scans. I can tell you the story arc is entitled Wolverine goes to Hell. http://www.comicvine.com/wolverine/49-35263/   He has also fought off brood possession and others. I doubt on the 3% chance that the situation presented itself, that Logan would succumb. He probably wouldn't play with the heart after he tore it out and I think he has a tad bit more self will then the coroner did.  
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And Erik, I recall Logan's pal's dealing with his physical aspect but I thought Logan did the spiritual on his lonesome in Hell.  At any rate he has dealt with that sort of thing before on his own and won. Jason isn't brining anything to the game that slows Logan down except the arguably PIS powerset Jason had for one movie out of the eight he was in.
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Jason is smarter, stronger and he is very skilled with a machete.

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Wolverine 11/10.

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Poor Jason.

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Mismatch and bumped. Wow.

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