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Wolverine by Lee Weeks

Both have 1 day of prep

Morals off

Round 1: Just H2H combat and claws

Round 2: Inuyasha has Tessaiga

And before anybody says spite or mismatch, most of Tessaiga`s abilities won`t work due to the fact that Wolverine is not a demon and his ridiculous healing factor would help anyway.

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The first scenario is spite. Inuyasha cannot defeat Wolverine bare handed unless he throws Wolverine out of range.

Actually only the Backlash Wave needs a demonic energy to use. Inuyasha's Wind Scar, which is a hill buster at minimum can be used at will, as Inuyasha proved when he showed it off repeatedly after killing Ryukotsusei.

Inuyasha BFRs Wolverine into the Meidou.

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@BlackWind: Gotta correct you bro. I do be leave dragon scale Tessaiga needs demon energy to work as well.

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@LordVulcan: I didn't mention that. I meant the Black Tetsusaiga's Meidou Zangetsuha sucks things into a portal to the underworld.