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They start 30 meters away from each other, standard equipment.

Open ground with some rock segments.

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the best in the world at what he does.

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Is this to the death, or are KO/incap allowed? If it's the first, Wolverine wins since the Fetts have no way to kill him. If it's KO/incap, I think the Fetts could take it by dancing around him with their jetpacks and using the small arsenals they always carry with them. Like seriously, they are walking Swiss army knives.

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I dunno.. it takes a lot to knock out Wolverine. Even if they bombard him he'll be dodging their attacks and could only be taking them glancingly.

I guess they could maybe tie him up and light him on fire? Then suffocate him, pump him full of knockout spray, disintegrate him to a skeleton? That's much easier said than done though.

I'll say Wolverine.

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Yea okay Wolverine.