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No prep. No Morals, Win with Kill. Amazon Rain Forest. 1 km away and have to track eachother

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No prep and kill to win = Wolverine Stomp.

Maybe not a stomp but Wolverine will win.

Panther can't kill Wolverine

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This has been Done...


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Wolverine wins

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To the death is a tough sell with folks like Wolverine - who are very hard (almost impossible) to kill in any permanent regard.

Black Panther with vibranium suit, on the heart shaped herb, and sporting his energy daggers would give Logan hell (maybe even take a majority) ... But not to the death.

Wolverine all the way under OP's stipulations.

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Black Panther

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Even if Logan could tag Black Panther, how can he harm him with his vibranium suit?

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Physical stats: even (both superhuman)

skill: wolvie

resources: BP

experience: wolvie

combat strategy: even (wolvie learnt sun tzu's the art of war)

durability/healing: wolvie

Wolverine takes this, but it's very close.

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@xxxddd said:

Even if Logan could tag Black Panther, how can he harm him with his vibranium suit?

Know this is old, but by cutting across the grain of the suit. Sabretooth cut T'Challa with the suit on so Logan sure as hell can too.

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