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OP and Location

Logan, Ult Cap and Scarlet Spider have been placed in the Shingeki-No-Kyogin universe, specifically in the Walls. Scarlet Spider gets placed in the Shiganshina District, Ult Cap gets placed in the Trost District and Wolverine in the Herhima District. Within this District, lay five class 5 titans, five Class 10 titans, and five Class 15 titans. Each District, apart from the titans and the Characters, are deserted, though supplies do remain in the buildings of each district.

Shinganshina, Trost and Herhima district from left to right (assume they are roughly same size).

Wolverine, Kaine and Ult Cap's aim is to kill as many of these titans as possible. They are locked in their given districts for 24 Hours. If they kill all the titans in their district, then titans of the nature and number previously described will spawn at the edge of the district. they are in Titans start unaware of the characters presence, but will attack if they see them.



They are humanoid in shape, mirroring humans with varying degrees of deformities.

There are much larger and stronger than Humans, ranging usually from 3-17 meters in height- their height denoting their class.

They are quite light and fast for their size.

They regenerate lighting-fast. Damage to limbs, body and even extreme trauma to the head, including decapitation, is healed quickly, though it will slow them down temporarily. The only way to put them down permanently is to attack the nape of their neck, which is vunerable to incisions and blunt trauma attacks.

Superhuman Durability. Concentrated Gunfire to the eyes only temporarily stuns them. Continues to attack even after sustaining horrendous injuries.

Show limited intelligence for the most part and are driven by the urge to eat humans.


Scarlet Spider

No Invisibility, otherwise standard gear.

Ult Cap

Shield, Assortment of lethal and non lethal Grenades, Assault Rifle with "good" supply of magazines.


Adamantuim Claws and Skeleton.

All have Knowledge of the Titans weaknesses.


Who survives the 24 hours?

Who kills the most Titans?

Who kills the Titans more quickly?

Give reasons for your answers.

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Who survives? Logan. Can they even permanently put him down?

Who kills the most? Logan if they have no way of killing him, as he just keeps killing them.

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Can't see cap going over a class 10.Scarlet won't get over a 15 or 2+ 10.

Wolvie wins this, he can't be put down and will keep killing them.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: Yeah, Wolverine for intents and purposes is Unkillable. However, he can be slowed down, maybe even Knocked out (Unlikely, but a possibility), and being swallowed will prevent him from killing anything, until he claws his way out :)

However that is not to say that Because Kaine and Cap can be killed, that they will. Like Wolverine, they both have very high levels of stamina, pain tolerance, durability, although not to the same degree as Logan- they can take an assortment of blunt trauma attacks, and to an extent penetrative attacks before going down, and will be hard to tag due to their speed and size. I also feel that if The Titans do make the mistake of not chewing their food (providing they get either Kaine or Cap), there is nothing stopping neither Kaine or Cap from ripping their way out again.

Plus there are buildings to hide in and restock on food, water,

Unlike Logan, Cap and Kaine are strong enough so that beating down, knocking over and grappling with Titans, particularly the smaller ones, becomes a real possibility (Kaine is >20 tonner, and Cap is a 9-10 tonner is we use his higher end feats). While fighting like this won't bring down the Titans for good, it does mean they would be more likely to put themselves in a position to finish the titans off. Being Grabbed also becomes less of a concern (I doubt Logan can break free unless his hands are free to slice off a titans hand).

Kaine and Ult Cap, also have the advantage of being able to mix up their attacks. Kaine's webbing, combined with his speed and wall crawling abilities, means he has a mobility advantage in getting to the Titans weak- spots. Cap can blind, distract and attract titans with nades and Gunfire (he has enough of tactical mindset to do so). He potentially doesn't need to get close to kill a titan, and can do so with one well aimed shield toss to slice the neck.

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WIth Kaines and Logans speed and strength they will be more stronger than most of the Titans. First I was thinking Wolverine could climb the Titans by using his Claws like a Mountain climbing tool and Scarlet uses his Web powers to swing above there Heads. But what about Ul Cap? Among them and under this conditions he would be ending, trowing his shield and would so becoming an far range fighter.
When it comes to surviving Wolverine will be far ahead the others. The fact that he always regenerates and wouldnt be hurt serious by Titans gives him a great point at fighting til the very end. Even if they will swallow him as said before, like Eren of course he wouldnt Transform but he would cut himself out. And would be going ahead killing around. Because of his resistance even the Heat of the Titan bodys wouldnt affect him that much. The same goes for all three of them the part with the heat. Back to Wolverine he would use his Claws ripping neck after neck. And the case that he would even be caught by one of those is very small because of his speed at first and the fact he would just cut of their Fingers like MIkasa did. The same would also maybe the other ones do. Scarlet with his assasin knife and Captain by trowing his shield around.

The one that would be surviving the longest would be Wolverine. After him Scarlet because he would just be either fighting them by cutting and cutting or would just be chilling around on Top of the Wall Maria.

Now I come to Battle Captain is not something like an Super creature like Wolverine or Scarlet he is just a Super Soldier. Yeah he has of course many abilitys that many Humans doesnt has I mean he can at least carry something over 500 kg and run a Kilometer in only a minute. But the fact that he would be maybe fighting 15 meter Titans all by his own would be even hard for him. He is a Soldier of course but I think he would be trowing his shield and thrying to avoid clos combat. Its not that he is not able to lift a 15 meter Titan because all of those are very light according to Hanji so with his strength he could just like Logan or Kain take them and make a Bodyslam with them. Then jumo on them and cut their necks or would be throwing it to get furter away from the other Titans.

With the food all three would be when they would get tired after fighting not to exhausted. I think that each of them are fighting 15 Titans is something but I think they could also Handel mor than that. I mean even Levi can kill Eren in his Titan Form and Eren killed 20 of them when first turning into one and the number later on increases because he knows how to controll himself. That just means Levi could kill more than 20 without even swetting.

So Logan, Kaine an Captain could kill more and survive longer as Super Humans. Btw I am just talking of what I know about of all those three. the fact that also Scarlet can make accid I left it aside because as for me I think does Badass thinks are to heavy so everyone is fighting in here with their Basics like Speed, Strength, Resistance, Stamina and I think regeneration.

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@cadencev2: Not disagreeing with you, but does Ult Cap have any feats of fighting giants?

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@laflux said:

@cadencev2: Not disagreeing with you, but does Ult Cap have any feats of fighting giants?

Ultimate Cap Physically KOed 100 toner Juggernaut twice. Cap ripped apart Warmachine with just his Shield. Cap beaten back possible 100 toner SHIELD and Liberation Suits. Cap put a enraged Hulk down for nearly a 10 count. Cap broke 60-70 toner Giant Man's face with a kick.

Do I need to continue on why Cap can take these 60 toners max Giants down?

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@laflux: Here is why Ultimate Cap wins.


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@cadencev2: Lol, Ult Giant Man completely slipped my mind. Still, Wolverine has destroyed an Indestructible Monster from the inside out that the whole of X-Force were struggling with, and Kaine, as well as dismembering giant amoeba creatures in the micro-verse, should be able to replicate the Giant Man feat, considering Peter did a similar thing to multiple people while shrunk to the size of mouse- and Kaine is stronger.

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I got ult cap winning due to shield toss decapitation. If he knows the weakness then theyre toast, hell be taking them down the fastest. Next is kaine due to speed and manouverabilty then wolverine close behind. They barely break a sweat in shingeki no kyojin verse.

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@zr0c00l said:

I got ult cap winning due to shield toss decapitation. If he knows the weakness then theyre toast, hell be taking them down the fastest. Next is kaine due to speed and manouverabilty then wolverine close behind. They barely break a sweat in shingeki no kyojin verse.

What he said. check this out!

Cap seriously wins this!