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Wolverine has No Admantium nor Healing Factor

Punisher has an Uzi, 2 M1911 Pistols, and a Survival Knife

Batman has standard gear

Green Arrow has standard gear


No Prep

Morals Off


Starting Distance:15 feet all in 4 corners

Earth 616 & New Earth Versions


Post Apocalyptic Gotham

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Wolverine no Adamantium? Punisher - Uzi? Team 2 by far... If you gave Wolverine Adamantium you could've made it fair by giving Team 2 some prep or particular weapons :P

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I wouldn't say team 2 "by far".

It's a close fight.

But team two should take this. Batman's gear is often underrated in battles outside of prep. I give Bruce the nod against a Logan without healing factor or the metal (despite the fact Logan is still physically superior) due to gear and equal to greater martial ability.

Green Arrow versus Frank is interesting. I mean, ostensibly it's gun versus bow right? Not so simple as that. I would give the nod to Frank TBH.

But Batman makes this team 2 ... slim majority win.