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After Wolverine has taken out 2 of the Predators, (Not straight away he has been picking them off) he goes for the other two! But just as soon as he engages into battle with one they are attack by a horde of Aliens. Now with Wolverine and two Predators now backed up and no escape they have to work together to survive.

Predator Rank: blooded

Predators have their standard equipment - wrist blades, combat staff, smart disc, plasma caster, net gun, shuriken etc etc...

50 Aliens.

Location: Old abandoned storage unite, which it in the middle of the Canadian wilderness

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@SillySteve91:Team 1

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What rank Predators?

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50? Wolverine could probably solo, though it would not be a pretty fight.

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Team one. Wolverine's healing factor and all the gear Preds have will give them the win.