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Okay so ,our merc with the mouth guy has his own game know and that game is really badass,so okay but i still think he wont stand a chance against wolverine in a fight to death ,ya ya i know he is cursed by Thanos he cannot die even if he wants to he will just ressurrect out of anything,but i have even read that wolverine fights with "The Death" if he dies and if he wins he ressurects,well wolverine has more brute strength can lift 2 tons,and according to marvel wiki deadpool is just like a average human who works out to build strength,and wolverine has always been a experience fighter than wade,yes deadpool must have more accelerated healing than logan but what if our merc with mouth drives logan insane,well iam gonna go with Wolverine

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Wolverine's already been shown to be superior multiple times. A berserk Logan against a mouthy Deadpool isn't ending well for Wade.

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wow, this doesn't seem totally one-sided in any way....completely fair match-up.....

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This is how I see the fight ending.

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@ancient_0f_days: yes i always try not to be partial :),well what do you say ?who wins ?

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