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Battle takes place in an arena, both get 1 week of prep. Morals are on and they are in character who wins?

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This is a terrible stomp especially since you've given Iron-Man a week of prep.

He takes the Beast and Wolverine out while drinking a martini, and doesn't spill it....

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Yeah, Iron Man with ease.

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I'd say Iron Man, easy, due neither does Wolverine and Beast got long range attacks that could hurt Iron Man. And plus both of them are on the ground while Iron Man can just hover and bomb them with missiles, beams from far away.

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Iron Man with ease!

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Beast puttin a beatdown on Iron Man, and tankin high powered assult rifles!!

Beast has beaten Iron Man before!!!!! Just sayin!!!!!

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wolverine has beaten ironman before as well and is likely to do so here because tony's big weapons that are able to put logan down for any real amount of time he won't use because it would destroy buildings and put people at risk and if logan gets close then tony is screwed.

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It depends on which Iron Man you're referring to. If it's Extremis or Bleeding Edge-with-the-giant-cannon Iron Man, then obviously I'd give it to Stark. No offense to the two X-Men, but Iron Man's top-of-the-line armor will overpower the mutants. Tony will just stay high in the skies and knock both of them out with well-placed repulsor bursts.

On the other hand, if Iron Man's armor is a couple of generations back, I'd give the possibility of a win to Beast and Wolverine. I'm not saying that they would get a definite win, but if Tony is wearing his Classic Red and Gold, I'd venture to say that the two X-Men have a CHANCE at winning (much like the scans above). Either they could do an improvised Fastball Special with Beast throwing Logan, and Logan using his adamantium claws to tear up a flying Iron Man. Or Logan could distract Iron Man and his repulsors while Beast - via his electronics knowledge - disables the armor through COMIC-BOOK SCIENCE!

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Ironman solos.

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Ironman solos.

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ron Man

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In random encounter Iron man

with this kind of preparation time X men duo wins

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Honestly, I've not seen the Beast do too much with prep ... whereas Tony, well, has.

With prep, team's only chance is to somehow work a way for Wolverine to go all black ops and take Tony out unawares. I dunno. Could happen in one out of a hundred scenarios I guess.

A decent enough writer could probably find a way to see this work in anyone's favor though. Prep is synonymous with 'plot' all too often.

Tony's really got this in the bag based off feats. And should this fall to an all out scrap, it's a giant stomp in favor of Iron Man.

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Oh wow