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  • Pre chaos war abomination
  • Rhino has the tooth of the midgard serpent
  • Morals are on
  • Win by death/KO/incapacitation
  • random encounter


  • Begin 50 feat apart
  • Both teams start visible
  • unpopulated
  • fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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Mr. Blonsky solos

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Hmm, I'm not to sure how much of a help Logan will be to Ben here against Rhino and Blonsky. For one, this will turn into a massive slugfest and Logan might be able to avoid most of the blows, but he could easily incapacitated or overcome as Ben is outnumbered here in terms of sheer force.

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@joshmightbe said:

Mr. Blonsky solos

Really? How so?

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@jashro44: he punt kicks the furry runt to Cleveland and beats Thing down. Pre Chaos war Abomb was still on par with a pissed off Savage Hulk, Neither Wolverine or Thing can say the same. Yea Logan and Ben have both beat Hulk but that was Grey Hulk who also had his ass handed to him by Abomination.

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logan and ben walk all over them.

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@comic_book_fan said:

logan and ben walk all over them.

Explain why Abomination WON'T stick both of them in the ground?

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Team 2 ftw

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man i think in a with morals on team two, but i do think that wolverine can kill rhino with his claws. I think thing could hang with Abomination until logan comes to help. but again mortals on so team two.

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@joshmightbe: wolverine and the thing have beat green hulk aswell and rhino is a non factor here.

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@comic_book_fan said:

@joshmightbe: wolverine and the thing have beat green hulk aswell and rhino is a non factor here.

When have either of those characters ever beaten Hulk?

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Abomination and Rhino


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Emil and Aleksei

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Wolverine and Thing will hang in there for a bit but eventually they will be overpowered and outgunned, Rhino won't be the problem. i'ts Abomination that is gonna be team 1's down fall.

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Abomination jumps towards 'em an' Rhino rushes towards 'em, an' Abomination goes fer Wolverine cuz 'a their last encounter (http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/2/29968/936552-abomxz4.jpg) an' Rhino goes fer Thing cuz 'a their last encounter (http://s31.photobucket.com/user/Doggydogg/media/RhinoandThing.jpg.html). Rhino says "'EY, GRIMM OL' PAL, IT'S BEEN A WHILE, AINT IT???!!! YER GONNA REGRET WHAT'CHA DID TA ME THE LAST TIME WE SLUGGED IT OUT, YA UGLY, ROCKY, MUTHAFU-OOOFFFF" an' Thing punches him in the stomach an' says "ah, shaddup Sytchevich! Yer jaws have always been yer strongest muscles" an' Rhino says "why you-AAAHHHH, OOFFF!!" an' Thing picks him up an' body slams him. Then Rhino gets back up an' starts punchin' the Thing like a mad gorilla, but the Thing then grabs his fists an' lifts him above his head an' body slams him. Then Rhino gets back up an' kicks Thing in the gut. Then Thing says "OOOOFFFF! 'Ey, what kinda cheap stunt izzat, Rhiny?" an' Rhino says "rule number one, pal….only people with death wishes plays fair in a street fight, AAAARRRRGGGGGHHH" an' Thing kicks him in the balls, an' Thing says "heh, thanks fer the lesson, pal…." an' then he does a duplex on Rhino, an' Rhino's horn makes him trapped in the ground, an' Thing then punches Rhino in the solar plexus an' then in the liver, an' now Rhino's KO'd. Then Thing says "gotta feel sorry fer that guy….need some help, Wolvie?" an' Wolverine says "sure do, hub!" an' Abomination tries ta smash Wolverine with a double hammerfist, but Wolverine dodges, an' Abomination says "you'll pay for what you did to me in our last encounter, midget….and nothing can stop me from crushing you, you little-OOOOFFFF" an' Thing punches him in the gut an' says "zip it, Blonsky, yer worse than Rhino" an' Abomination says "you're strong, Thing…but you're no Hulk! You cant beat me!" an' the Thing says "aw yeah, well last time I checked you aint got a very good trackin' record against the Hulk yerself, pal! Mebbe I aint no blasted Hulk, but I can go fer some boxin' rounds with th' best of 'em!" an' Abomination then pulls his fist back ta punch Thing, but Wolverine then cuts some scars on Abomination's neck, an' then Abomination says "AAAAARRRRRRHHHH! GET OFF ME, YOU MIDGET!!!!" an' grabs Wolverine an' body slams him, an' then Thing punches Abomination in the face with haymakers, an' then they start wrestlin'. Then Thing says "HEY, WOLVERINE!!!! I COULD USE YER HELP HERE, THIS GUY'S STRONGER THAN HE FRIGGIN LOOKS!!!!!" an' Wolverine says "he's goin' down, Grimm, keep holdin'!" an' Wolverine stabs Abomination in both of his shoulders, then his fore-arms, then his quadriceps, an' then his hamstrings, an' then Abomination screams in pain, an' gets KO'd. Thing says "*phew*…now those were som guys that could take a hit…". Wolverine then says "no kiddin'….wanna go fer a beer, Grimm?" an' Thing says "ya got it, pal".

I say team 1 wins, cuz Wolverine's claws should be able ta penetrate Abomination's skin...

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Abomination solos.

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Abomination and Rhino

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team 2

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Team 2. Rhino has squared off with Hulk before, and Abomination has always been able to give Hulk trouble. Thing and Wolverine got embarrassed by a weaker Hulk in Aaron's Hulk run. I see team 2 walking away with a win. Bloody, but victorious.