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Fight takes place in the amazon jungle, both teams have 30mins prep and start 200feet from each other

panther has his daggers

Fight wins by KO or death

Morals are on

All are beerlusted (Drunk)

Who wins?

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Thing drunk makes me smile for some reason. With 30 mins of prep and them being drunk I bet that Panther would probably grab a stick and Wolverine and Colossus would drink more. By them time the fight starts Wolverine and Colossus would run able 30 feet then pass out Thing and Panther would probably drink after they have won then pass out.

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What's funny is that even though Thing and Colossus seem like the heavies in this fight, I bet they'd go out first. Panther's vibranium claws and laser knives can probably take out Colossus, while his armor protects him, and Wolverine has cut up Thing before. Then Wolverine vs armored Panther...that's tough.

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Good match !

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Tough one, I will say team one wins 6/10 times.

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Thanks I tried to make this as close as possible, any other takers?