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A little bar in Little Tokyo. Three ladies, three incarnations of the Witchblade. A cop, a mother and a shrine maiden. Takeru got in with a fake ID. Sarah tries to bust her, Masane defends'er, cause kids need to be looked after. And when you got the Witchblade, sometimes ya need a few drinks to get through it. She sure as hell knows.

Things don't work out. And the Witchblade always seeks conflict. It's a three-way, all out smackdown. It's TLC with lots of T&A.

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... I have to... ends in sex

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@reikai: Is the Witchblade anime any good?

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@dondave: Oh it is delicious. And funny. Gotta have the one old-pervert character in it, who always refers to Masane as Melony (because of her melons...*ahem*.)

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I will go with the mother.

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@reikai: Who is the woman with the purple hair?

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@dondave: That's Takeru. Witchblade Manga. It's Comic v Manga v Anime Witchblades

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Sara bags this... she is witchblade's favorite

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@iceprince_x: Only her version. Sara fights for the Law. Masane fights for her Kid. Motherly instinct wins out on that.

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comic version has far more feats... she can cancel out the other two's powers...the mother instinct may be high but without a back up fire power may end up futile besides the manga version witchblade is lame

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@iceprince_x: Takeru was carving up naval vessels. Sara is underpowered compared to the other two.

Sara is as quick as a tank in comparison to super-sonic aircraft, which would be Masane and Takeru.

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Sara cancelled the Darkness and the Angelus powers... She transformed the entire San Francisco bridge as her citadel when she fought Danielle Baptiste for the other half of the Witchblade. She fought an apocalytic demon by herself.

In the Witchblade mythos...Sara is the only wielder who lost the witchblade several times and willed it back. She can also absorb and command anything the witchblade created or granted powers...like Ian Notthingham's excalibur and the Microwave Killer. She can also open portals like she did in the Sermon of Fire with Tomoe and trapped a goddess in an artifact... Sara is no push over if she fights seriously.

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One vote for the MILF

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@nerx said:

One vote for the MILF


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but on a side note i give it to Sara

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@iceprince_x: Takeru was killing demons left and right in the Manga and Masane, by the end of the anime, had enough power building inside her body to destroy a city. When the Witchblade first awakened and bonded to Masane it created a massive quake that decimated part of Tokyo and sunk a section of the city into the bay.

Takeru was growing more powerful the more the Witchblade took control, and Masane actually had a 2nd stage to the Witchblade that made her stronger and faster than she had initially been. In the anime Masane also had to face CloneBlade users, basically women who had been created to wield the Witchblade and were given scientifically created copies of it to try and create a perfect female that could wield the true Witchblade.

Ultimately they all failed and it was revealed the only Perfect one that could be its host was in fact Masane's daughter, Rihoko, who wasn't her real daughter. And the Witchblade was waiting until Rihoko had matured into an adult body and was only using Masane was a surrogate host until then. However, even discovering that Rihoko wasn't her blood-related child changed nothing of how she felt. She'd raised that girl, she was the only mother Rihoko had ever known, and Masane was gonna be damned if some ugly fashion accessory was going to turn her kid into a monster.

Masane did what had perhaps never happened before. The Witchblade had only ever known violence its entire existence. Masane allowed it to experience a mother's love as she took it and the souls of all the EX-Weapons (essentially living man-made machines created from the corpses of dead people brought back to life) with her in the final moments and brought them to heaven.

The Anime was great and it had such a lovely, bitter-sweet ending. You just had to love it.