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@slimj87d: Nah dude, you don't come off as biased to me. You are always great at giving great arguments for Winter Soldier and Captain America. You've actually taught me a thing or two about Buck during this short debate. I appreciate it.

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@wolverine08: I just updated my respect thread for Bucky with a new entry if you're interested.


And here's another reflex and blocking feat. Bucky easily takes down Shields number one agent at the time who has gained some mysterious power. He is the Iron Nail. A firing squad of Shield Agents appear behind Bucky and fires at him. He's able to dodge the bullets as well as block two of the shots with his mechanical arm.

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@slimj87d said:

@wolverine08: No, I don't think I ever said Matt was marginally better than Bucky anywhere. But to you and @vance_astro Maybe you guys are right, maybe I'm just bias. I know I have my logic and reasoning behind why I think Bucky takes this scenario, but I don't like being bias so I'll give up at this point.

I wasn't suggesting you were biased and I don't think you are either. It's not like Winter Soldier is so far from Daredevil in any area that an argument can't be made for him. If you think you have other points to make..you should.

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Wow good thread.

I give it to Daredevil 6-7/10. But it is a good fight every time.

I view Matt as a bit more skilled because of his ninja training and his exotic pressure points. Plus his record IMO is also a bit better then Winter Soldier but that could just be due to his more prolonged "showings". But DD is a beast with feats like fighting 100 yakuzas amped up on the drug HGH and to a showing that implied possible chi healing while meditating, to his other ninja vanishings in broad day light are pretty impressive.

Also something to be noted(since DD vs Ironfist got brought up) in DD's last fight with Ironfist under Brubaker. DD was noted that his senses were off balance for that fight so he was hindered despite doing very well against Danny.