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Superman decides to control the world so that humanity wouldnt destroy itself.

Batman decides that Superman is trying to take the free will from humanity and starts assembling a team to stop him.

The team : Batman, Green Arrow, Huntress, Red Arrow, Karate Kid, Deathstroke

Battle takes place in a small city built out of lead, Lois Lane is being held captured in warehouse the team is positioned around and inside the warehouse they have green kryptonite based weapons and gadgets parts of the city and the warehouse are booby-traped and and as a last resort Lois Lane is wearing gold kryptonite.

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no he loses

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Team wins.

unless well he sun dips for a long time and speed blitzes them before Kryptonite takes effect.

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Superman wins, nothing he hasn't done before.

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I love it when a plan falls apart. (also superman stomps)

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Superman lobotomizes them all from the comfort of outer space

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Superman lobotomizes them all from the comfort of outer space

he aint gonna do that in a city of lead

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These threads really need to stop.

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deathstroke + krypytonite= dead

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Yes he does, he would use his super breath/freeze breath/heat vision to beat them with out even getting close.

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Burns them all with his heat-vision

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...Yeah, this doesn't end well for the team.