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Midnighter, Backlash(w/gen factor), Zealot


Iron Fist, Spider-man, Blink


Deathstroke, Azrael (Lane), Blue Beetle (Reyes)

  • All Teams are aware of the others powers and what they can do
  • Morals Off/Bloodlusted
  • No BFR
  • Standard Gear
  • No Prep
  • Win by Death, KO or Incap

Location: Destroyed New York

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Is Blue Beetle even a street leveler at all?

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@Immortal777: Well I couldn't think of another DC character that would actually fit in with this fight. If you've got another to suggest i'm all ears.

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DC wins because of the blue beetle,i wouldnt really put him at street level.

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replace blue beetle with green arrow??? idk just thinking

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Probably Marvel. Blink is the MVP.

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marvel imo blink could spawn bfr most of the other teams if played right

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@Strider92: I can't think of anyone would would fit either but you could always be lazy and put the other Azrael (Jean) lol.

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my personal remix of the team puts Cybernary or Nemesis in instead of Zealot and Cassandra Cain in for Blue Beetle. Keeps a girl on each team.

With the teams as they are though I'd say the DC is likely to win given BB, but quick thinking from Midnighter or Blink could get him to take himself out of the fight with good use of a portal or Door. Teleportation makes the Wildstorm and Marvel teams the most dangerous at that point, and between Blink and Midnighter I would put my money on Midnighter if for no other reason than his combat computer gives him the edge in catching her in a game of tag. I think Backlash is a match for Spider-Man and Iron Fist (if he's not outright better than IF) individually but would find taking them both on to be an issue. That's not a comprehensive analysis by any means, just some thoughts.

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@Buckshot: I had considered Cass but I didn't think she was a match for any of the other team members when bloodlusted.

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@Strider92 said:

@Buckshot: I had considered Cass but I didn't think she was a match for any of the other team members when bloodlusted.

I think she'd fit better than BB, who, when bloodlusted, could be considered a planetary threat.

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@Buckshot: ewwww yeah thats definitely to high. I could put Cass in but to me it seems that DC will be a lot worse off than any of the other teams if I do.

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This fights going to get ugly. I'm picking wild storm only because of midnighter with his abilities and doors, zealot with her 10,000 year martial arts skill and superior swordsmanship & weapons, and backlash - who I don't know too much about but I was told that he's the same race as zealot having a1000 year life span as well as being a better version of Spider-Man ( I don't know the character so current me if I'm wrong). Blue beetle was just replaced by batgirl so it'll give WS an even better advantage. Wild storm characters seems to have over exaggerated powers and abilities over dc and marvel characters that it's laughable, or rather sad sometimes thinking they can take on WS knowing that they'll get stomped. I don't mean to downplay any of the characters, they have great powers and abilities at their own right. I just think that whenever it comes to going against WS it's like dc or marvel characters are in over their heads. Maybe it's just the certain right characters that can match up to them but idk.

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@Strider92: Since you asked for assistance on another street leveller, might I suggest Cass, Shiva or Bruce? They'd be better than Beetle who has the potential to be a major powerhouse.

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@Lvenger: Thanks for the suggestions. As I said to Buckshot my only concern is that it will make it unfair for the DC team. I'm pretty sure neither Cass, Shiva or Bruce have the durability to take a blow from any of the other teams or the speed to avoid it. Bloodlusted Spider-man could probably 1-shot with ease as could Iron Fist.

Perhaps Batman in the Insider suit? I read Road Home yesterday and it seems fairly durable (and nowhere near as overpowered as people say lol I keep hearing that Insider could beat the JLA i'd say it puts him closer to Midnighter level than anything else.)

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@Strider92: How about replacing Blue Beetle with SHIELD (DC), or Timber Wolf.

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If Marvel and DC teams are aware Midnighter is their biggest threat and go straight to take him out, Wildstorm could lose here. That said, Zealot and Backlash aren't lightweights either, but the battle computer in Midnighter's head is definitely going to work in their favour.

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I'm going to say Wildstorm for this one. Firstly, there's Midnighter. His battle computers give him the ability to take down at least 3 other fighters solo. Then theres Backlash, who's speed and endurance match Midnighter's. And he has 1000 years of experience. Then there's Zealot's CODA skills and swordsman ship that she's acquired over 1000 years.

Blue Beetle can be a powerhouse, but I could see everyone see that as the immediate threat and take him down. Deathstroke's expertise gives him the best odds on DC, Azrael is just too crazy.

Marvel wouldn't last very long in this one. Anyone on Wildstorm could take him. Blink could take down a major player with her powers, but wouldn't last long after. SpiderMan could go toe-to-toe with Zealot or Backlash, which makes things interesting but to no avail.

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Beetle could simply nuke the battlefield. He needs to be switched out in favor of someone who's actually a street leveler.

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Blue Beetle is way too O.P for this battle.

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I have faith in Blink to be able to evade any direct attack and she can counter it with her "blinking" powers.

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BB stomps! he even beats midnighter, bb's suit builds a weapon designed for each person, so he could overpower midnighters computer

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Marvel because of Blink. At the start of the battle she BFRs everyone

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@Veitha: Midnighter could do the same

DC ftw, Blue Beetle solos