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No prep

WildC.A.T.S in the picture,current Avengers.

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Not sure honestly. Current ones have captain universe and starbrand, but I don't know if CU has any feats to speak of. The cats line up is pretty OP though...

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Tough call, going with the Avengers. Their current line ups solid.

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@experio said:

Tough call, going with the Avengers. Their current line ups solid.

I know Right im really happy with Hickmans line up... he did an outstanding job as for who wins im gonna wait for @buckshot before i say anything

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Hard to say, a bit ignorant on the Wildcats

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Wild cats since they have Batman (Midnighter), Hulk (Maul) and 2 Superman (Apollo and Mr Majestic)

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@dbatdog said:

Wild cats since they have Batman (Midnighter), Hulk (Maul) and 2 Superman (Apollo and Mr Majestic)

thats hardly a good reason the Avengers have Hyperion, Thor, Starbrand, Captain Universe, do i need to go on... use feats to back up your statements or you can , like me, admit you dont know enough to make a honest unbiased opinion

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Wild.C.A.T.S ftw

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This is probably the most stacked incarnation of the Wildcats. That said, the full Avengers roster is kind of absurd, especially since it includes Captain Universe who is a functional plot device on literally a universal scale. With a character like her, I feel like I'd need to see reason for her to participate much in this fight. To what extent has she exerted her power in battles not directly related to her role as The Universe? Starbrand and to a lesser degree, Nightmask, are still serious contenders though, as are Hyperion and Thor. I've been meaning to get a good view of the power level of the current Avengers team, maybe now is the time to do it. Anyone care to give a solid presentation of the abilities of some of the team's heavy hitters? I'm thinking stat breakdowns with feats for the one's I've named (minus Thor). And while I'm asking questions, can anyone confirm whether the girl at the center of the Wildcats image is a version of Void or not? It's another thing I've wanted to check but haven't gotten around to.

Til then, the fight kind of shakes out into two groups: powerhouses and everyone else. The Avengers have the few I mentioned plus Hulk and probably Captain Marvel, and the Wildcats have only a few themselves, those being Majestic, Apollo, Spartan, Battalion, and Maul. Unlike most fights with teams possessing characters of such power level, the "everyone else" is actually significant. On the Avengers side, Stark can pose a threat (more technologically than physically), Eden Fesi could be a huge surprise, and Cannonball can't go unmentioned either. Even the ones who couldn't do much on their own might be capable of teaming up to take down a game changer on the Wildcats side. And on that team there are a number of significant characters that fall under "everyone else". Midnighter, obviously, Jet bringing in speed no character that's not a powerhouse (or cannonball) can likely match, Voodoo functioning as a telepath or magic user, Nemesis and her swords (and forcefields...and bombs), Grunge and Warblade, whose bodies make them capable of doing damage to even some of the powerhouses, maybe any of them, and the girl that's potentially Void. The only Wildcats that I'm not including as capable of getting involved in the power house fight are Zealot, a better fighter than probably anyone in this fight and with nigh-indestructible weapons, and a psychopathic robot with a nuke in her torso. The Wildcats are bringing more wildcards, which I guess is appropriate. I think how the powerhouse fight goes is definitely important (so I'm still waiting on info about what the Avengers are bringing to the table there) but I really wouldn't count the Wildcats out even if that battle doesn't go entirely their way.

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I thought it was a good fight...

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@buckshot: I do too, but I'm not sure who wins in the end honestly. I'm leaning towards the avengers though.

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@buckshot: Captain Universe doesn't really have that many offensive feats, she was able to kill a group of Builders but Thor was able to do the same so we can't really gauge her level. As far as I've seen she hasn't shown anything that would put her above Silver Surfer. As for Nightmask he doesn't actually have any notable feats, he just been teleporting around and guiding Starbrand. Even Starbrand can be dealt with. Despite his impressive showings against concussive force, the Kusar or Creation Blades should be able to make short work of him.

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Knowing both teams (but mostly Avengers)... Avengers take this...power wise and variety of attacks.

I find the original Voodoo more powerful than she is now...she used to be able to manipulate time.

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Wild Cats

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Is it me, or does the guy in the back look like Thanos?