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morals off, takes place in the desert, condiment king gets a magic ability so that is he moves in any way whatsoever, thanos instantly dies

EDIT: misspelled thanos

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mr hatter wht r u doin ? mrhatter STAHP !!

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@mrhatter: You could've chosen any person, any person in the world... but you chose condiment king?

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who is Thantos?

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Pssh, this is clearly a spite thread.

How can you match someone as powerful as Condiment King with someone as weak as Thanos?!


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@BlueHope said:

who is Thantos?

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@HBKTimHBK said:

@BlueHope said:

who is Thantos?

I think he means... Thanatos which is the Greek personaification of death... 
 This guy.
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Research your characters. I'm locking too many of your threads as is. 1st warning.