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OMG we established that superman would win this 10000 times. there are so many ways that superman would win it's kinda so annoying and whom ever said superman was beat by doomsday obviously never read the thing because last i check it was a draw, and superman has gotten much stronger sense then plus if push comes to shove superman can go spend 15 mins in the sun and kill the hulk with one punch.

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@angryhulks: When I said withstanding solar temperatures i was talking about him taking nukes at point blank range.

In that fight with Gladiator, Hulk was stronger than ever because he had absorbed the energies of another universe created by Franklin Richards but his durability was on the fritz. Even things like missiles and Deadpool's sword were able to cut him because of this.

How the fight happened:

I can show you scans of the fight with Gladiator because it didn't happen exactly as you say it did.

1. Hulk jumps on Gladiator and throws a punch, Gladiator returns the favor in kind. Then Gladiator flies them into space, Hulk thunderclaps him and they come crashing back down to earth.

2. Hulk knocked out gladiator as he was trying to burn him with his heat vision and then dragged him over to the nuclear reactor and threw him right in.

3. After that, Hulk proceeds to savagely beat gladiator until a little boy comes and tells him to stop(Hulk can be such a meanie!!).

As for perception speed:

And some read a comics and you'll see, Hulk does have perception speed. His brain can in fact, process at same speeds at which he throws punches and jumps.

Hulk hasn't been outdone by streetlevelers. All they do is run away or hop around like bunny rabbits. Hulk is nice enough not to kill them, because it's obvious that he certainly can and the writers are smart enough not to let it happen for the sake of the story(unless it's a storyline in which Hulk gets to dish out the whoopins' indiscriminately).

Would it seem right if i said that Superman has no reaction time, ignoring everything Superman has done, because he gets tagged and sometimes also fails to stick it to the some of lame villains of DC who are not on his level because the plot demands it? I don't think so.


A "healing factor" maintains the DNA, which is the foundation of a cell, Instantly replicating the DNA, renewing it atom by atom, when it's attacked and then quickly regenerating the cell's protein matter.

Again, a healing factor allows for:

A. Stopping the aging process, which is the slow breakdown of the DNA

B.Fighting off (metabolizing) any foreign substances such as poisons and pathogens

C. Through maintaining the DNA, the person can resist deadly forces in general

D. And finally, make the DNA regenerate the cell's protein matter at a highly accelerated rate.

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Superman easily....

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Edge.. Hulk