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Poll: Who'll win in a fight? 1 day prep. time. (16 votes)

Ben Tennyson (UA- access to all aliens unlocked. No time out.) 81%
Hulk( Marvel Movieverse) 19%
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Hulk can't prep, only SMASH!!!!

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Ultimate WayBig BFRs Hulk to Space

Toe Pick Messes up hulks mind

Alien X erases Hulk from existence.

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Well considering the fact that movie Hulk is about as smart as Rath and cant prep for shiznit..Ben takes it via BFR or something. This is pretty onesided.

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Uh, this is spite.

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@sync1 said:

Uh, this is spite.

Yuppers... :(

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@god_spawn A mismatch for you. The OP gave the Hulk prep.