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Green Goblin has accomplished far more. Both if we are talking about how much they've screwed with Spider-Man, and if we are talking about who's made a bigger impact on the Marvel U.

(I'm assuming Norman and Eddie).

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I think Green Goblin will always be the Classic Spidey Arch Enemy.

But Venom itself is a famous enemy/monster (unless he's on Flash) in general

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Green Goblin, he slept with his girlfriend then killed her.

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Wow. It's 50-50 for Venom and GG now. I vote Venom (Eddie Brock) just because he's such a bad ass. In terms of being a better bad guy, GG would fit the description better....

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I've pondered and puzzled, until my puzzler was sore. I honestly can't make up my mind. They are both great villains when written well, and both challenge Parker in very personal and intriguing ways.

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I chose Green Goblin, but after a lot of thought. Venom is my favorite Spiderman villain, and love their fights more than most any other battles. But, Norman Osborn has had the biggest impact on Peter's personal life. Then again, Venom has all of Peter's memories due to the symbiote suit. Damnit, now i dont know anymore...I may have picked rashly?

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im a venom fan , so venom . i never really saw green goblin as this huge threat to spidey , but thats just my opinion. venom

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Dr. Octopus.

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Goblin, no question about it.

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Going with Goblin. And this is not a battle.

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Shocker pwns both.

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green goblin, then venom amd dr.ock.

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Both of them are Awesome but i Chose GOblin

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Goblin hurt Peter much worst than Venom.