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who is the best character in injustice? for me it's nightwing >:)

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agreed nightwing is smooth and has alot more options because of his power.

also this may be off topic.

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I actually prefer Superman myself

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I actually prefer Superman myself


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I love Aquaman. Stab stab stab stab.

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I love Aquaman. Stab stab stab stab.

lol he's ffikkin annoying

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For me, the best fighter is Flash or Shazam due to their powers. The most fun though is Bane and pre patch Deathstroke IMO.

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Batgirl flows pretty well.

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The game has few characters, who are considered TOP tier. The following characters don't have to be placed in this particular order in the tier list, so take it with a grain of salt:

1. Superman is in my opinion the best character in the game. His F23 his ridiculously good. It has great range, can punish whiffed attacks and if you cancel the Super Breath afterwards you make it safe. No one can punish you and if you get them in the corner most of the opponents will have to pushblock to get away. On top of that Superman has ridiculous corner combo damage, great zoning tools and good cross ups thanks to his Dive Bomb and the Air Dash. On top of all that he has the best Super move in the game, which has only 3 frames and thanks to that you can basically punish everything your opponent throws at you. Many times in a close match it's a deciding factor, because if you both have low health and you have a full meter your opponent has lost.

2. Aquaman could be number two. His D2 is probably the best in the game and stops air attacks, allowing him to full combo punish. His trait is a free combo breaker against the majority of the cast. He has great range on his attacks, good damage and his Water Shield is very useful as well. His zoning is good and if he manages to hit you with his Meter Burned Low Tridents you lose a lot of health.

3. Batman is up there as well. He doesn't really have great normals, nor great wake up attacks, since they lack invincibility frames, but he makes it up with great jumping attacks, which cross up easily. His combos are easy and do a good amount of damage. He can play the lame keep away game, but also rush in and overwhelm you with constant attacks. His B23 is a great move that keeps him safe and does a lot of damage on chip. The best thing about Batman is his trait, which lets him easily open up opponents, punish their actions and extend his combos.

4. Killer Frost lacks good normals, just like in Batmans case, but she makes it up with good zoning, a quick parry, high damage, especially if she has her trait active, which has been nerfed though. Now she can't cancel it anymore during combos, but she is still good. What makes her so good is her safe Slide Attack, which is plus on block and therefore unpunishable. As a Killer Frost player you never have to dash in. Just Slide all the way in. Slide, Slide, Slide, Slide. It's safe on block and if it hits it leads to a very high amount of damage. She is a mix up character and if you catches you in a good vortex, you're done.

5. Black Adam is at the top as well. His main problem is his lack of lows up close, but if he had that, he would easily be the best character in the game. Against Black Adam you need to block high up close and block low at mid to full screen. And even though you know these crucial facts, it's still hard as hell to fight against him. His combo damage is ridiculously high, his trait can often end fights and overall leads to a good amount of damage. He has probably the best backdash in the game. His forward dash is amazing, which makes his approach great. But what makes him even better is his Divekick which is safe on block most of the time and leads to a great amount of damage as well, if you land it.

6. Green Lantern is one of the better characters in the game as well. He does decent damage with very easy executable combos. He is probably one of the most beginner friendly characters alongside Superman and Doomsday. But he is effective. His zoning is good, as well is the damage. He has a great string in B12, which starts of as a low and he can also do B13, which is a low and an overhead afterwards. But his main strenght is the Lanterns Might. His force lift so to say, which lets you punish a lot of stuff. When the opponent is up close he must pay attention, otherwise you can easily grab him for a high damaging combo afterwards.

Then it starts getting tricky. Wonder Woman is up there as well, probably even above Green Lantern. Batgirl is very good as well, because of her mix ups and the easy approach.
Nightwing is pretty high on the tier list as well, but Nightwings main problems are that he loses badly to characters who can do a lot from the air like Superman and Hawkgirl. Additionally to that Nightwing has to spend a lot of time in the Staff stance, because that's the stance you'll get your damage from. The Escrima stance is more for mobility and a fast approach. Staff stance is for the actual fighting, but in the Staff stance you lose access to airborn interactibles, which can make a difference. Your jumps are not good, if you try to jump over interactibles which are being thrown at you and so on. His quick jump is good if you're upclose though, since it leads to very fast overheads and that can mess the opponent up, if you combine it with Nightwings staff lows.

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Imo the top 3 best super moves are superman's,flash's,and batman's. They just look like they'd hurt the most..I think Green Arrow's and Scorpion's are kind of lame though. Lobo's wasn't that much to look at either..it fitted his personality but eh

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As a character with cool moves and effective attacks i like Deathstroke

If i want to win in a bad way, annoying the opponent by pressing only 1 or 2 buttons i choose Flash or Aquaman

If i want a ROFLSTOMP i pick Superman

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Superman is the best character in the game. hands down!

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As a character with cool moves and effective attacks i like Deathstroke

If i want to win in a bad way, annoying the opponent by pressing only 1 or 2 buttons i choose Flash or Aquaman

If i want a ROFLSTOMP i pick Superman

actually I heard you could troll more with Deathstroke due to his projectile moves

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I'm a beast with Aquaman.

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Yeah but Aquaman's stab is more annoying.

Scorpion is also really annoying.




Me: F*** you.

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What? Lobo's super is awesome to behold. Too bad he sucks in game though.

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@chibio: look at comicvine going in on injustice gameplay. :-)

Nice write up!

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God. Damn. Aquaman. He's just too baller to lose, ever.

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I love scorpion he looks badass and cool moves

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The Flash. He does exactly what yiu would expect him to do: hit n' run. As you whittle away little bits of health, your opponent has no worries; flash is a weak@$$!!! 40 seconds later, he is on his second health bar and you IMP his @$$... >:3

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Deathstroke and Nightwing and Batman

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Superman, MMH and Flash. Superman is pretty OP, but it really depends on the player.

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Wonder woman... than again II play the kindle version

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Deathstroke, Batman and Scorpion
i don't get use to others characters

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Batgirl, Scorpion and catwoman IMO

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Superman is OP if used properly.

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Aquaman is op.

But Green Arrow is my favorite to play as.

For a newbie I suggest the Joker.

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For me, I do best w/ Black Adam and Shazam

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Wonder Woman sucks im sorry I love her but it is true

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@zhurong: At least she's better than Lobo is.

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Solomon Grundy borns on monday

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Aquaman and Superman are my sure-wins. Batgirls my main character cuz she's so laughably cheap lol. Its really debatable whether Supes or AM are better...

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Superman absolutely stomped my Lobo in ranked. Granted, that's not saying much but I couldn't even retaliate.

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I LOVE THE FLASH. His punches are just so powerful. His Sonic pound upgraded all the way is SO GOOD.

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Who is the most annoying? Oh I can answer that hmmmmmmmmm Aquaman!

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I'm with Bane on this one.

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Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, Black Adam, Ares are some of the best in my opinion.

Although Green Arrow is one of my favorites to play as.

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The iOS game had plenty of characters, including 'Seid and the Red Sons.

But in the console I'd pick Superman and Flash.

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Spammers go for.. Deathstroke, Batgirl, Scorpion, Sinestro and some spam Catwoman..

My mains: Aquaman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman.

Love using MMH, Green Lantern, and Shazam to.

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Green Arrow


Green Lantern

My top 3.

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1.Flash- so fast

2. Aquaman- fast with reach

3.Ares- easy combo,teleport

4. Superman- heavy combos and reach with powers

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I like Harley, Joker, KF, Adam, Doomsday, Sinestro, and Catwoman. ^-^

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Superman,Grundy,Frost,Wonder Woman,

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Flash and Superman are my go to guys.

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Flash, Black Adam and Deathstroke for me.

Notable mentions Batman, Lex, Nightwing and Green Arrow.

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Green Lantern or Solomon Grundy...Grundy can do huge damage with his combos