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I saw some else do this and I decided maybe it will be fun so I decided to try it out.

My Characters name is Atom Seeker

He probably looks like this

He would have red lightning though.

-He's as fast a Sliver Surfer and Flash (reaction speed is as fast as he is.)

-Strength of Sliver Age Superman (Can't blow solar system with a sneeze though but he pull a chain of planets .)

-Can manipulate and create electricity and cosmic energies fused.

- Can sun dip though not for long or he'll burn.

-Gets weaker when he's too close to the moon.


-Weak when out of electricity.

Whats the best character he could beat?

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Deadman win's.

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I mean who are the best canon characters (DC and Marvel) could my character beat.

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Your character tries to run fast and dies because of air pressure.

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Deadpool, you said he reactions and durability are normal so DP can gun him down, and if he trys to speedblitz he end up running him self into a wall because he wouldn't be able to react to the stuff ahead of himself

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yeah he cant use 1/10000000 of his speed because he could knock himself againts a wall. but guns will work

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@heroesgold: Sorry but he is lopsided. His speed, reaction time, and durability don't match up. If he moves too fast, just the impact of the air could kill him or if he bumps into anything its game over. So he won't be using that power too much. So that makes it hard to categorize him but I'd say a little above street levelers since he can't use his full strength either. For example, he punches the ground so hard it makes a crater, but not only does his hand break like wet toilet paper but the shockwave from his own attack tears him apart. So in conclusion he might as well be street level since he cannot use the majority of his best powers due to them killing him instantly. Edit that, and you've got a real badass.

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I did not intend to be mean. By no means, I just found it funny cause my character, who has stronger durability, gets beat on every battle thread I have ever put her in.

No bad intentions.........my apologies.

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Your guy could beat...Shocker, maybe.

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Mainly due to this guy above me. He likes to make chuck norris style characters.

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Ok I've fixed that.

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Show us........inquiring minds want to know.