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Spider-Man by Mike Deodato Jr.
Classic Batman

My fictional heroine is Winn, Powers: Invulnerability, can lift a car easily, adhesive skin, flight 1000 mph max, each power needs to recharge by not USING it. Each one will drain after a minute of use, so if she flew around for a minute she would have to wait a minute to be able to fly another full minute. Yeah she could break her fall by stopping midair, but a sudden stop may cost her a few seconds off her durability. Anything that would hurt a normal human costs her invulnerability factor. She is a bit ironic, cause she could get killed by superman or a common street level thug if she gets caught with her invulnerability down to 0, If nothing else, she would make a good video game character, given the power limitatilons. Her skills include great observation, pilot, musician, and good with numbers.

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@lorbo: You should make it 5 min.

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I agree..........sort of, I revamped her powers in my "How to make a superhero who is not overpowered thread"

I dunno, I'd hate to have to look at a clock constantly while using my powers, it would make it very stressful, make you not even wanna use them.

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Does batman get prep?

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Sure. I'm not sure what bats can do here, I mean sure, given her powerset, if you threw her in a pot of lava, she could'nt stand it for more than a minute. The problem would be keeping her there. She is a fan of 1000 mph bilitzing, even though it is costly to her. Nonetheless if she missed her target a few times, she would be vulnerable, and bats could theoritcally throw a smoke bomb or two her way and knock her out, albeit VERY unlikely............

Spidey would have more of a chance. The revamped version bats could take easily if he knew her weakness-WATER, but that's the version in my overpowered thread.......