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-No one like Beyonder, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Dark Phoenix or celestial beings.

-No character that can rearrange molecules, or anyone who can lift over 400 tons, or control metal to an universal scale.

-Limit DC, Marvel characters.


Vision, Iron Man, Cyborg, Deathlok, Amazo, Kid Amazo, Scorcher, Megatak, Red Tornado, Metal Men, Gas Gang, Brainiac, Machine Man, Master Mold, Spider-Slayers, Nimrod, Hulk robot, Superman robot, Adam 2, Citizen Steel, Blue Beetle 2, Dr. Octopus, Scorpion, Machine Teen, Ultimate rhino, Human torch's robot.

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Storm fries all their tech

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@Imperius_Rex said:

Storm fries all their tech

Before being cut into little pieces by Iron Man? dude..

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Storm could take iron man if she wanted to. But I don't think she can take them All at once. I was just dicking around.

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Ben 10 and magneto, cosmic boy, static

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some versions of supes, MMH, and Thor

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@shockers: With Amazo on your team and the limits to our teams this is near impossible. Amazo can copy powers and shown to copy objects to. Although you did not specify the limit of team members so I'm going to say all 9 lantern corps. Now I know power rings ring grants super strength but I'm not sure to what level. Also if they're using constructs to lift over 400 tons does that violate the rules?

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Hank Henshaw, Drummer, Classic Cable. All three have technopathy, and Henshaw has the reflexes to counter any attempt at a speed blitz.