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Who can beat a composite Slenderman in a random encounter? No stomps.

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The Law & Order: SVU team.

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What does Slenderman do other than f*ck up your camcorder?

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I recall beating him in one of the stories I wrote, wasn't easy though....(anyone see what I'm getting at? lol)

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The real slender man....

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Who is this guy and why is he so creepy?

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Any Japanese teenage girl worth her salt if the horror media I've seen is of any indication.

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If I'm right in saying Slenderman kills you if you look at him then daredevil I guess? Could be wrong about his powerset though.

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I don't think looking at him kills you. He is suppose to take children and then the parents go insane.

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Slenderman is stalking someone in the woods.

The person hasn't moved in a while.

Slender goes in for the kill.

Upon reaching the person, it turns out to be a dummy.

A hand rests on Slender's shoulder.

Slender turns around.

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Is there a superhero that can destroy annoying memes? If you have his signal watch, please contact him and ask him to eliminate slender man.

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Pretty sure Deadpool could creep out Slendy.