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Jack has shown on multiple occasions that he's a great strategist. With less than a day he was able to turn seemingly harmless mining equipment into a deadly arsenal and single evenhandedly take out thousands of Aku's drones. Though he showed great strategic skill, it was partially his fighting skill that let him win. However, he's also been able to train large numbers of people in very little time, and use them as effective workers. What if he himself wasn't ever allowed to draw his sword? If he and another character were both given 1000 good men each and forced to fight in a huge battle, without Jack or his foe ever fighting each other directly, who could stalemate or defeat Jack's troops?

-Both are able to train their soldiers and use them to make weapons, fortification, traps, etc over a period of three weeks.

-Neither leader can use any superpowers or abilities in any way.

-Neither leader can fight directly in the battle, but they can give orders during battle. (remember, no powers allowed)

-Neither may cross into each other's territory until the battle starts.

-The battle is in the arena from the Hunger Games, but the center where tributes would normally be and the dome itself are not present.

-Jack gets the East half and your character gets the West half. There is a wall between the two preventing spying or crossing from side to side, and it will be present until the three weeks is done. No building within 50 feet of the wall!

-The two sides may NOT leave the arena during the three weeks prep time.

-Propaganda is encouraged.

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There are probably tons, but here are a few...

General Hawk

Ender Wiggin


Nick Fury

Rocket Raccoon


Roland Deschain

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Also Yoda.