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What fictional character can beat Joker if he had a week Prep with full info, Telepathic Powers ( as strong as possible ), and Deathstroke's Reactions?

That person is in character with no prep

They cannot speedblitz or time/reality warp

They start 100 feet away in an Gotham Ally at night

Who can take him?

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Joker dominates all who oppose.


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@joeagentofhand1: Nah, he nukes the helmet off and TP's him

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@Joygirl said:

@joeagentofhand1: Nah, he nukes the helmet off and TP's him

Considering that he is skeleton in that scan while with his helmet still on and still alive, I don't think a nuke will do anything

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And yet Wolverine pops it off like a soda top whenever he wants....

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Doomsday rips him apart and then walks to MHH-TRR-PLSS!!

Wonder Woman possibly. To my knowledge she's never been mind controlled, she knows how dangerous Joker is and is too fast for him to touch. I see no reason why she can't just walk up to him and knock him out. Joker gas would be the only thing that would prevent her from getting close.

Maybe Despero, Martian Manhunter, or Maxima. Someone with equal TP. After all the OP says as strong as possible which means someone in comics will equal him and be able to beat him. I ruled out Xavier. The most he can do is run over Joker's toes.

Hulk. I don't think he's ever been mind controlled.

Ghost Rider.

Brainiac, Ultron, Red Tornado......Pretty sure they can't be mind controlled and prep wise there isn't anything he can do really.

Feel free to correct me with scans of any of these being mind controlled. Obviously I haven't read every appearance with them =]

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Jigglypuff with ease /thread