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Stick to marvel and dc universes though 
Pre-Retcon Molecule Man is usually depicted as the 2nd strongest/most powerful being in the marvel universe along with a pre-retcon beyonder. Both of them are right under TOAA of course. They are also more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, Galactus, White Crown Phoenix, Lord Chaos, Ultimate Nullifier and so on.  
Who in Marvel (possibly a team up of powerful beings) or DC (BESIDES THE PRESENCE) can beat PRMM? 
Remember, you can use a team up of beings.
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Lucifer Morningstar + Michael Demiurgos

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elaine belloc
thanos HOTU (could probably solo)
I think as a team they could easily take it

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Mad Jim jaspers

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The Word and The Endless.
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@TheFallenOne said:
"@LONGTIME said:
"Lucifer Morningstar + Michael Demiurgos "

@Shadowglenn said:
"elaine belloc thanos HOTU (could probably solo)protege   I think as a team they could easily take it "

@goldenshot80 said:
"Mad Jim jaspers "

@kevdude said:
"The Word and The Endless. "

Non except the PR Beyounder for sure win. Protege theoreticly could and Thanos with HOTU is debatable.
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@TheFallenOne: yeah thats why i put those two in my team but if both of them have a chance alone, then teamed up with ellaine belloc i think that they could win.
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anyone who could metally effect him.  pre-retcon molecule man had horrible self esteem.

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Pre-Retcon Beyonder. 

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Q can ( star trek next generation was a DC comic)
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Elaine Belloc 
Infinity Being 
Michael and Lucifer working together in perfect harmony 
Anyone with THOTI 
God Swamp Thing 

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Pre-Retcon Beyonder