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Both full powered

Now this is a serious one because Apocalypse is immortal I am hearing? A lot of people are arguing that White phoenix of the crown can't defeat him because of that fact and other facts. Is this true?

Can she?

I believe she can!

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This is a complete stomp. Flag mismatch.

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I honestly don't see Apocalyspe beating some one who can warp the universe on a whim.also being immortal wont help

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@iampower said:

@roddy010 why though? and who would win?

White Phoenix of the Crown held an orphan universe in her hands. Apoc is a spec to her so she Stomps.

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WPOC ftw

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phoenix wins apocalypse is powerful but nothing like this

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@hbktimhbk: ? please explain your thoughts on who would win and why :D

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@iampower: Welcome to the Vine.

Jean wins, and she wins very..very..very easily. I'll be nice because you might get abused here. Try doing your research before making a battle, Jean much less powerful then this could destroy all the life on a planet. Apocalypse can't hope to touch her.

Everyone has a mess up on their first try, you'll get the hang of it.

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Yeah phoenix wins...... One snap of the fingers and he doesnt exist......

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WPOTC would sh!t stomp poccy here...

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wtf is this?

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This is a large mismatch, sorry.