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Poll: White Martians (DC) Vs. Skrulls (Marvel) ? (13 votes)

White Martians 69%
Skrulls 31%
Too close to call 0%

File:White Martians 003.jpg

  • The battlefield is a generic downtown setting.
  • Only average members of both races are allowed to battle.
  • Five members per team.
  • No weapons or technology.
  • K.O., Incapacitation, and Death count as Elimination.
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White Martians Curbstomp,

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@dondave said:

White Martians Curbstomp,

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I have to agree with the White Martians winning as it stands. If the Skrulls could use any of their super specimens then it would be more of a fight I would think...