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Justice League heroes, and villains vs. Marvel's top heroes and villains, in these battles. Select winner by putting their name in Bold, such as:

Bob vs. John. Also, give reasons why they won that battle, such as : John won because he is stronger, and better at fighting. Also, remember, this is a spur of the moment meeting, no preparation, and it is only 1 battle, not multiple. (This is for Doomsday.)

Superman vs. Thor

Batman vs. Spiderman

Green Lantern(John Stewart) vs. Iron Man

Martian Man-Hunter vs. Mr. Fantastic

Doomsday vs. Hulk

Wonder Woman vs. Storm

The Flash (Wally West) vs. Ice Man

Captain Atom vs. Wolverine

Aquaman vs. Captain America

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Thor (Superman is valuable to magic)

Spiderman (Spiderman can win quickly win this one by not giving batman time to figure out how to overcome spiderman)

Green Lantern (He is cosmic lvl, he can just use his power to rip Iron Man's mask off while in space)

Martian Man-Hunter (I can't think of a way MM could lose to Mr. Fantastic)

Doomsday vs Hulk is a tie they fight till the end of time (Hulk gets stronger as he gets madder, and Doomsday evolves every time he is killed)

Wonder Woman (Everyone gives Storm to much credit--WW could just rip her arms off)

Captain Atom (can just grab wolverine and throw him in space towards the sun)

Aquaman (Not only is Aquaman one of my favorite hero's he could just drown Cap in the ocean)

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Thor- He's more powerful in literally every way, he has a weapon that's more powerful in every way, he's more experienced, He's got more powers/ versatility and he's Magic.. And Superman is weak to magic.

Spider-man-Physically Superior in every way (stronger, faster, more agile, better reaction speed Etc.) Man is not going to beat spider-man....

Green Lantern-imagination based powers will always have a wider scope than homemade ones

Martan Manhunter (more powerful in every way+ way more powers[Reed is smarter though])

Hulk Doomsday depends on the Versions of the characters

WW.... Kinda Obvious. she's better in every way... and storm posses absolutley no threat to her

Draw (Serously neither wally or Bobby could actually be defeated by each other (wally could turn drake into a statue but he would just tranfer his consiousness and make a new boddy and wally would vibrate himself back to regular temperature from Absolute Zero or somethung that made equally little sense.

Captain Atom (via one Punch)

Cap..... I wish.... Aquaman (spite Aquaman is like 1000 Cap's)

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@nick31898: Well first off welcome to comicvine. Most of these battles are a bit unfair. Example The Flash is Faster than the speed of light and can quickly speed blitz iceman in a fraction of a second. Batman vs. Spideman has been done before and Spider-man wins quite easily due to his spider sense and he is a class 15+ ( when is comes to lifting strength what class you are in depends on how many tons you can lift). Martian Manhunter wins because due to his strong telepathy he can basically make anybody brain dead, and has heat vision, and a whole bunch of powers that will defeat Mr. Fantastic, Doomsday can beat hulk as he was able to defeat supes on one occasion... but that is debatable... Captain atom will melt Wolverine and is a class 100+. Wolverine is just peak human when is comes to strength. Aquaman is a class 100+ and can defeat Cap. america pretty easily since cap is peak human... he is more of a Batman opponent. Plus, I sincerely don't mean to be rude, but this is the general discussion forum where we talk about what's happening in every day comics, who is your favorite superhero, questions about any comic book character or comics in general. Reviews on comics and Superhero Movies can be on this forum also. So contact a mod because this should be in the battle forum where superhero/ villain battles take place. But before you do that try making a few tweaks to this thread to make the battles fair or if a mod locks this, make another battle that is fair.

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Here are mine:

Superman vs. Thor- Thor is a god. Also his hammer is very powerful. We see how hard it is to kill him in his comics.

Batman vs. Spiderman- Since Batman only has his everyday gadgets. Though he is a better fighter, spiderman has spider sense, enabling him to see batman's every move before he does it. Also, SPiderman is faster, stronger, more agile, and more flexible. Batman is also not prepared for spiderman's super strong webs. Though batman would put up a fight, spiderman would come out on top.

Green Lantern vs. Iron Man- Green lanterns ring would do large amounts of damage on iron man's armor. Though Iron man has lasers, and missiles, the ring has protected green lantern against much larger weapons.

Martian Manhunter vs. Mr Fantastic- Martian man-hunter has super strength, and can shape shift into things that would take Mr. fantastic down. Also he could read his mind, and put thoughts in Mr. fantastic's head.

Doomsday vs. Hulk- Now I know that doomsday has beaten superman, but superman is not as invulnerable as hulk. He actually can wear down in a battle, since doomsday knows nothing but fighting, he would not try to outsmart hulk, he would just fight on. And since this is just one battle, hulk would beat him, and move on.

Wonder Woman vs. Storm-Wonder woman is faster, stronger, and a better fighter.

The Flash vs. Ice Man- Ice man could freeze the flash, if he could catch him. The Flash moves atlightspeed, and thinks at light speed, he would just run faster than ice man could shoot, and then get in one detrimental blow.

Captain Atom vs. Wolverine- Since Wolverine can't die, and heals almost instantly, he would only need to get on swipe at captain atom, and he would explode.

Aquaman vs.Captain America - C'mon guys, anything aquaman threw at captain america, wuld just be blocked by the shield, and then captain would overpower aquaman with his strength.

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@jstndmnd said:

Thor (Superman is valuable to magic)

Thor is much slower than Superman and outside of PIS/CIS, would be dead not long after the match starts.

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Here are mine:

Superman vs. Thor- Thor is a god. Also his hammer is very powerful. We see how hard it is to kill him in his comics.

1. You do realize the title of gods means jack all in most comic book Universes, right?

2. Yeah, but tell me Einstein, how the balls is he gonna use that enchanted uru mallet of his in a blood lusted, PIS/CIS off fight against a dude whose reaction times and speed have been proven to be far in excess of Thor's own AS WELL AS being in his weight class? For reference, think Voldermort with a wand and his death curse against Superman, only Thor will last a bit longer against all of the super fast punches.

3. Yes. We've also seen how easily it is to knock him out in the hulk's comics as well.

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@perezite: Thor loses to Hulk because of PIS. Hulk has to keep his "strongest there is" title so writers have him beat up Thor. Stan Lee, Thor and Hulk's creator has said he made Thor to be more powerful than Hulk.

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You know battles always come down to one thing, POPULARITY

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Superman vs. Thor: I always struggle with this one. But just because Thor has magic, doesn't make Superman too disadvantaged. He's beaten magic users like Shazam and Wonder Woman many times. Superman is stronger just by a gram lol. Superman's heat vision is as hot as the Sun which would hurt Thor but not that much. His reaction time and speed is much faster. Superman is smarter too.

Batman vs. Spiderman: I hate to admit it. Batman is my favorite hero. But I assume this is a random encounter? Spider-Man is physically superior and would dodge all of Batman's batarangs. Smoke gas wouldn't help due to Spidey sense. Batman can't break Spidey's webs.

Green Lantern(John Stewart) vs. Iron Man: Green Lantern can take any hit Iron Man dishes but Iron Man can't. GL should be able to saw his armor off after a good amount of time. More versatility and durability. Unlimited potential

Martian Man-Hunter vs. Mr. Fantastic: STOMP sorry Reed. MMH has his psychic attacks and is much, much strong and can fly

Doomsday vs. Hulk: tough one. Choosing the Hulk. Chances are this fight would last a looong time. Hulk would potentially get even stronger. If this was a fight until the end of time, Doomsday would win. He would resurrect every time and be stronger. However, that's not the case and Hulk would win.

Wonder Woman vs. Storm: WW easily. How is a storm gonna affect WW? She can kill Storm in a split second

The Flash (Wally West) vs. Ice Man: Flash. Ice Man can make the floor slippery I guess but Flash can dodge anything Ice Man dishes out and just knock him out

Captain Atom vs. Wolverine: I love Wolverine but how can someone say that he could just heal from anything Atom gives him. And Captain Atom is extremely durability so he can take a few slices. Captain Atom is somewhat of a Dr. Manhattan these days and could destroy Wolverine, create a replica of him, destroy him out of existence, and so on in a matter of seconds just by thinking about it. Captain Atom has created Earth, with living beings on it, just by thinking about it. He has an infinite manipulation over matter, which is only limited by his creativity and willpower.

Aquaman vs. Captain America: Ehh. Aquaman is physically superior and is not a bad fighter himself. Aquaman has limited telepathy and is much durable than Capt. Capt has his shield, then Aquaman has his trident. Throw down a few strikes of lightning and maybe drown him and have a shark eat him. Captain America will put up a good fight though. He is a very skilled hero.

EDIT: Going with Doomsday over Hulk. Doomsday's reactive adaptation is too much. His ability to copy powers and create claws and so forth is a pretty hectic power. He can adapt to anything that harms him

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@nick31898: I agree with most of your points but read my previous post. I really don't agree with Captain Atom vs Wolverine

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Why would someone match up Wolverine and Captain Atom? Clear spite.

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@wolverine08: I know right? Why would you match up Wolverine with such a powerful hero? Wolverine is a street level hero (although he has the potential to deal with stronger enemies). And Captain Atom is basically all powerful. Match Wolverine with someone like Deadpool or Captain America

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DC across the board here, except, sadly, Spidey takes Bats.

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@batmannflash: I would have preferred Wolverine vs Deathstroke. Now that would be an awesome fight to debate.

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@wolverine08: WOAHH my notifications just started working!!

ooh Wolverine vs Deathstroke. I would go with Wolverine though. Slice his head off, while Deathstroke can't kill him. Very good fight though

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Superman vs. Thor

Batman vs. Spiderman

Green Lantern(John Stewart) vs. Iron Man

Martian Man-Hunter vs. Mr. Fantastic - Depends on how much Reed knows of his enemy

Doomsday vs. Hulk

Wonder Woman vs. Storm

The Flash (Wally West) vs. Ice Man

Captain Atom vs. Wolverine

Aquaman vs. Captain America

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@batmannflash: You lucky bastard! I still haven't even gotten notifications for conversations from a week ago. But yea, I think Wolverine would beat Deathstroke, but it would be a way better fight than him vs Captain Atom.

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@wolverine08: aw never mind. it just stopped working :( just for that one comment. Same, I haven't gotten notifications all week. Very annoying. And hey, you haven't given your thoughts on this thread other than on Thor vs Hulk.

EDIT: Wait it works. The notifications just came a few minutes slow!

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Oh yea, I think Wonder Woman beats Storm, Thor beats Superman, Hulk and Doomsday stalemate, Green Lantern beats Iron Man, Flash beats Ice Man, Aquaman beats Captain America, Spider Man beats Batman. A lot of these matchups are egregiously one sided.....